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VEXWORLD VEXWORLD Helpers 79 Helpers 79
Vexworld staff


PerhapsNia Fanclub! PerhapsNia Fanclub! Administrators 942 Administrators 942
Active Administrators

A friendly and SFW server which is based off Master Oogway and a bunch of other stuff! We have a bunch of bots and active joining members!

Promote Your Boat! Promote Your Boat! Partner Managers 7192 Partner Managers 7192
Looking For Partner Managers

Hello! We are looking for partner managers for this 8.5k advertising server! Please have some prior experience before applying.

Elisora ✦﹒decor﹒Icons Elisora ✦﹒decor﹒Icons Partner Managers 1392 Partner Managers 1392
GE is hiring partner managers!

Garden Elisora is hiring new partner managers that are willing to support our community!

Alcoholics & A-holes Alcoholics & A-holes Advertising Managers 14 Advertising Managers 14

We are looking for someone to advertise our open minded alcohol themes discord!

・゚  🐻  𝒞𝓇𝓎𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓁 𝐿𝒶𝓀𝑒  🐻  ゚・ ・゚ 🐻 𝒞𝓇𝓎𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓁 𝐿𝒶𝓀𝑒 🐻 ゚・ Advertising Managers 16 Advertising Managers 16
Looking for staff

We are a chill and fun server looking for people to help

🔴Audino's Pokécenter🔴 🔴Audino's Pokécenter🔴 Administrators 20 Administrators 20
Looking for Admins/Mods

Hi, we're a small server with no staff atm and we're actively looking for some potential staff members to help assist the server.

Shroomville Shroomville Administrators 79 Administrators 79

Looking for people who are interested in being part of the Shroom Crew by becoming a Shroom Guard and keeping the server active. As a Shroom Guard you qill get training and as you SG (Shroom Guard) you will have more rights and command task

Gaming server Gaming server Moderators 111 Moderators 111
Need staff

I need some moderators to help manage my server sadly I can’t pay you money but if it becomes big enough that I’m happy with it I can start paying you. Thank you just join and message me privately to start.

the kingdom of boredom the kingdom of boredom Server Builders 51 Server Builders 51
Looking for staff

We are a friendly server with a great staff and rules that keep the server in order

Ultimate V | Ps4/5 | HCRP Ultimate V | Ps4/5 | HCRP Advertising Managers 32 Advertising Managers 32
Werbe Management gesucht!

Wir suchen eine Werbe Management das uns auf diversen Social Media Plattformen zeigt und uns voranbringt um Member zu generieren.

Blair's Dungeon Blair's Dungeon Moderators 30 Moderators 30
Twitch staff

In need of twitch staff, Please send discord and twitch info upon request

Royal Lounge 18+ Royal Lounge 18+ Moderators 29 Moderators 29
Looking for Staff

I need staff for a NSFW 18+ server. It’s a brand new server, so I need people to help me run it and keep everyone in check. Please consider being a staff member and let's create a great community.

The nut hut The nut hut Moderators 641 Moderators 641
Looking for member verifiers

The nut hut is a fast growing community of male only members, we are looking for new moderators to manage join requests!

Saturn Support Server Saturn Support Server Moderators 22 Moderators 22
Looking for Awol Moderators

We are looking for some people who will be active in the server.

CodePress CodePress Moderators 37 Moderators 37
Looking for active server staff

In CodePress, you can find people who code the same languages as you, people who have the same coding interests as you, and much more!

Advertising Network Advertising Network Partner Managers 4050 Partner Managers 4050
Looking For Partner Managers

Just the basic partner manager duties with Discord ToS following methods.

GilBot™ Royal Paradise GilBot™ Royal Paradise Moderators 81 Moderators 81
Moderation Team

Greetings there new recruit who is deciding if they have what it takes to become an official moderator at GilBot Royal Paradise. If you think you have what it takes then join us today and fill out our staff form to see if fit the role.

Good Times Good Times Other 69 Other 69
Community Manager

I need someone to look after the community aspect of the server

ZAP-Hosting ZAP-Hosting Helpers 10289 Helpers 10289
Community Helper

We are ZAP-Hosting.com, the world's fastest growing game & virtual server provider. Host Minecraft, FiveM, Rust & more!

Flash Advertising Flash Advertising Advertising Managers 318 Advertising Managers 318
Need Staff - Advertising Server

Flash Advertising is an Advertising and community server where you can promote, grow, and win giveaways. You can grow your Youtube, Twitch, Instagram, Discord Server, Snapchat, twitter, and more.