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Team 2UP is launching soon! Meet passionate gamers like yourself, or be a part of 2UP! We are looking for Competitive Players, Creative Warriors, Promoters, Video Editors/Montage Editors, Management Team & Staff, and Content Creators & Streamers.


Team 2UP is launching soon! Have an opportunity to be a team member, staff member, or Content Creator, all before 2UP launches! *GUYS/GIRLS DIVISION && YOU MUST BE 15 OR OLDER* Fueled through the power of gifted individuals, our organization offers experiences you can’t get alone. Whether you’re informal or competitive, be a part of our team to exercise and compete against gamers from all over. Meet passionate gamers around your skill level and age, construct more potent team skills, and feature a wonderful time at the same time as doing it What We are Looking For: ✬〡Competitive Players ✬〡Creative Warriors ✬〡Promoters ✬〡Video Editors/Montage Editors (VFX) ✬〡Management Team & Staff ✬〡Content Creators & Streamers -------------- What We Offer: ✬〡Competitive Team ✬〡Team Practice, Clan Wars ✬〡Team Intro ✬〡Team aim and Zonewars practice ✬〡Fun events for community ✬〡Following team on socials



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