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The Booligans ;) background
The Booligans ;) users-three 202 32 9 9

Friendly Community Based Discord Server with a great community and lots of fun channels and features!

TheSpiral™ (Official) background
TheSpiral™ (Official) users-three 328 91

A unique mix of Actualization, Spirituality, and Psychology. We mostly focus on MBTI & Spiral Dynamics. Non-toxic! 1:1 male-female ratio. Moderated. Chill mods/staff. Semi-regular VC. Film/Music Events. All ages (teens & 45+). Lots of roles. Simple channel layout. Tarot readings. Personal journals available on request!

INTJ friendly background
INTJ friendly users-three 288 58 18 18

Welcome to our Discord server, a sanctuary for INTJ's and other analytical minds that are tired of dealing with the mundane. We promise you won't find any small talk or fluff here. Just discussions, debates and people that are actually worth your time. We have it all, If you're an INTJ or another type of analyst seeking intellectual stimulus, you've found your tribe. If not, well, we'll try to tolerate you.

Kiseo-Dan's Typology Lounge background
Kiseo-Dan's Typology Lounge users-three 747 168

Welcome to my world! Here we have a variety of topics to explore. Here we dive into Typology, Astrology, Gaming, Anime, music, art and more! We do everything from casual discussion, to intense debates, study sessions, or just relaxing with some games or streaming. We always have active chats and server staff (and constant server support.)

The Human Psyche 18+ background
The Human Psyche 18+ users-three 959 172 35 35

🧠 We feature non-stop discussions on philosophy, psychology, typology, and much more. 🌟 230 self-assignable roles! 🤖 300+ emotes & cool bots 💯 Channels for all interest 🌈 Freedom of expression 📚 A multitude of resources & tests for research

🕸🌼🕸Hello guys it's me Crystal I am the owner of this server. ✶First of all, WE LACK PEOPLE THAT KNOW ABOUT THE ✶THEORY ✶If y'all are asking... ✶What is this server about? well, I will tell you now. ✶I created this server to get to know more people that are into ✶the MBTI typing system ✶This is primarily MBTI related but we can also talk about topics ✶like k-pop, anime, food, etc... ✶And remember have fun. ✶We will respect everyone no matter t

Personality Lounge(21+) background
Personality Lounge(21+) users-three 236 28

Come share your knowledge and build worldwide relationships with others who share your passion for personality types.