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Welcome to Promote Your Servers. A place to advertise servers, bots, social media and games. Do not forget giveaways!


Seems like an ordinary boring server! I want say that - Why not? 📚 Advertising channels - Who doesn't like to advertise and grow their servers! 🎁 Giveaways - Why not have a chance to earn discord premium and enjoy the vide! 🍥 Boost Rewards - You have an extra boost left why not boost us and receive benefits! 👑 Premium Roles - Helping us split are bills will give you benefits! 💻 Custom Bots - Join and have fun with them! 🎮 Fun & Entertainment Channels - Want to live stream/game/music we got you covered! Public Leaderboards Join the server and get your name listed here 🔵 MEE6 - Do you (we) have anything that people really want? Hmmmm ... For all you music lovers we do have something! We have got a music/radio bot that people really love. - Radio X used in 13000+ servers!



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