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MONNYCRAFT background
MONNYCRAFT users-three 316 60 2 2

Heyyy! Bevenutx in questo server molto UwU, conosci nuova gente e divertiti con noi! Non siamo qui per giudicarti o farti sentire insicurx, siamo qui per stare insieme e stare bene insieme 🫂❤️ Siamo qui per te, ti aspettiamo 🫶

Promote Your Boat! background
Promote Your Boat! users-three 7285 683 2 2

Climb aboard to promote whatever floats your boat with our boat-load of channels for servers, socials/links, and finding services. We welcome you as a part of the Crew.

A safe space for mental health and wellness/self-improvement ‎♡‧₊˚

STW Dailies background
STW Dailies users-three 1800 169 2 2

Support server, home and more for STW Daily - Claim your Fortnite: STW Daily rewards, research points, and more!

Gamerz Loung3 background
Gamerz Loung3 users-three 927 254 16 16

A server for twitch streamers that are going for affiliate or partner it is an awesome server got 16 members affiliated last month

✩˚₊💫ଓ ︰estelleʳᵏˢ ˚⊹ background
✩˚₊💫ଓ ︰estelleʳᵏˢ ˚⊹ users-three 9412 1460 22 22

A community to help individuals with mental health, private therapy, find resources for decor/gfx, nitro giveaways and provide a safe space for everyone!

Stream Dreamz background
Stream Dreamz users-three 304 93 2 2

❗ Stream Dreamz is your one stop shop for services to get you to where you want to be in your streaming career! 💯 Stop in and let us help you turn Dreamz into Reality!

Advertising Network background
Advertising Network users-three 4152 531 1 1

Connecting communities through the power of advertising.

Gamers Sanctuary background
Gamers Sanctuary users-three 374 57

Join Gamers Sanctuary. Heavy streamer support server, Regardless if you are a streamer, viewer, or just gamer, we are a support server aimed at helping streamers grow in views, follows and getting partner status. We run a contest every month for the biggest supporters to earn free subs.

[:Mental Help Unity:] background
[:Mental Help Unity:] users-three 13 7

Server Dedicated to help people with: Psychopathy ADHD Depression Anxiety A mental health profit-free organization.

Smokeys Sanctuary background
Smokeys Sanctuary users-three 18 12

This is a great server for everything, general chat is available aswell as a chilled out zone, gaming is also on the tables as a way to bring everyone together, all be it any personality or preferences we welcome all.

Chronically Iconic (18+) background
Chronically Iconic (18+) users-three 321 61 9 9

Chronically Iconic is a social and advice group for those living with disability and chronic illness. We embrace down-to-earth discussion, and support one another through the ups and downs of disabled and chronically ill life, bringing forward our unique experiences and sharing our expertise. We take a light moderation approach, encouraging common sense content warnings and providing spaces for difficult conversations to be had.

Phantom Realm background
Phantom Realm users-three 217 42 4 4

Seeking a place to find people to talk with and play games together ? then you are in the right place. this server is made for everyone to hang out at , play games , watch movies , etc  we have a very diverse member list and we are open

˖⋆࿐໋₊ Wisteria Grove background
˖⋆࿐໋₊ Wisteria Grove users-three 669 144 5 5

Safe space for everyone an anyone. We offer multiple forms a support through our staff team, bots and anonymous submissions. We’re also open for partnerships to help you grow as well as us :)

Psych Disorder Haven background
Psych Disorder Haven users-three 2828 557 44 44

We are a 15+ psychology based server with the aim of fighting the stigma on all mental illnesses and allowing those with all kinds of symptoms to express themselves without being condemned. Whether you are looking to learn more, looking for support or for friends and a space to hangout with an accepting community, this place is for you! - We want to welcome you into our haven!

Cabin in the Woods background
Cabin in the Woods users-three 588 96 16 16

╭ ・・・・・♡ : ⌗・ 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚎 𝚘𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚛 : ・🐱 our own custom server-bot (Toby the Cabin Kitten)︰୭ ଓ lgbtq+ and mental health supportive ・🐸 100+ cute emotes︰୭ ❥ ꒰ a foresty server aesthetic ・🦔 lots of special roles and colors ₊˚⊹ ❥ ꒰ Safe place for Systems and Littles ・🐝 many bots including PluralKit︰୭ ଓ Partnerships ・📘 private and public journals︰୭ ╰・・・・・・♡

SLguru background
SLguru users-three 563 97

2003年から続く息の長いバーチャルワールド Second Life (セカンドライフ) の日本語ユーザー向け非公式Discordサーバーです。 📌自動収集での情報掲載 📌テキストチャンネルのみ 📌声かけしません 📌R18+要素は公式に準じます ※NFTや暗号通貨などのメタバース資産系の話題は扱っていません。 🔞SecondLifeは法定成人年齢以上が対象です。

tqdz background
tqdz users-three 15 13

We are a server where you can meet new people and make friends! We aren’t really strict and will be happy to have anyone here. We are friendly, understanding and caring. We have many cool pings and emojis, friendly members, a venting channel and an anonymous messaging channel.

📈Discord server - dev help🧩 background
📈Discord server - dev help🧩 users-three 16 9

🌵Templates - easy start ⚡Server presentation 🔫Bots, games 💭Guides and tips ✅Advice on how to use Discord effectively 🚨Promotion 🧩Help and support

Koder Support background
Koder Support users-three 96 31

This is the support for the discord bot called Koder, join now to enjoy a full experience.

♡.CPTSD Community Discord🌈❜ background
♡.CPTSD Community Discord🌈❜ users-three 1062 193 2 2

A welcoming, safe space for mental health support or just to have fun. Owned and operated by a POC, we can assure you that it is a great place. We'd love to welcome you into our community. We have frequent giveaways too so that's another major plus, hehe. Hope to see you there!❤️

Spyro Tech Domain background
Spyro Tech Domain users-three 118 47 15 15

Looking to chat or find tech support? Well, Spyro Tech Domain is the place for you! we offer support for anything tech related. from pc's game consoles, to high end audio equipment! Remember to read the rules before chatting.

Stronger Together background
Stronger Together users-three 28 20

Want to develop some new connections such as gaming buddies, friends, or a support system? Want to leave toxic environments and slip into a cozy paradise of nice, genuine, chill people who share common interests as you? Then join Stronger Together. Open to all, once people get passed the two step verification systems.

Discord Owners 👑 background
Discord Owners 👑 users-three 74 16

Connect with other server or bot owners and ask for help, partners & more!

Mental Health Fun Lounge background
Mental Health Fun Lounge users-three 498 64

Looking for mental health support and wanna make friends? Join us!

Finetech Support background
Finetech Support users-three 20 11

Finetech allows users to manage and grow their virtual wealth in a fun and interactive way.

The Crimson Syndicate background
The Crimson Syndicate users-three 59 21 5 5

We're just a small community thats hoping for more people to chat with!

Discord Hilfe background
Discord Hilfe users-three 806 76 7 7

⚙️Discord Hilfe⚙️ Sind Sie auf der Suche nach professioneller Unterstützung bei allen Fragen und Problemen rund um Discord? Dann sind Sie bei uns genau richtig! Unser erfahrenes Discord Hilfe-Team steht Ihnen rund um die Uhr zur Verfügung und hilft Ihnen bei allen. Egal, ob Sie Unterstützung bei der Einrichtung Ihres Discord-Servers benötigen, Probleme mit dem Audio oder andere technische Schwierigkeiten haben - wir sind immer für Sie da.

Gervase™ Support background
Gervase™ Support users-three 150 17 2 2

Gervase is made for Moderating and Completing Servers! With its cool features You can make your server fun and enjoyable! it has cool Games Such as: guess the number; Guess the flag(in progress); Among us(In Progress); Role the Dice; And its economy system! It has auto-moderation. it is build in with Very funny Pranks. So look out ;) . Gervase - The Bot You Need To Moderate and Make Servers Fun as Never been! Check It: https://official.gervase.repl.co/


Mississippi Non strict community we have sonoran-cad plus with live map integration. allways helpful community and best supportjoin now https://discord.gg/72HRuBnXuf