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Heleus strives to be a fun, relaxed, non-toxic environment that you can come and hangout in whenever you're gaming, watching movies, or just looking to hang. Our main activities include organized League of Legends Clash teams, D&D Campaigns, and game nights - but as long as you respect the rules and the vibe, anything goes! Come chill with us sometime!


Heleus was started at the beginning of Covid, originally as a place for chill non toxic gamers to come hangout. Initially, it's focus was primarily on League of Legends, and more specifically on finding ranked duos. Since then we've grown to encompass: Clash Divisions (LoL) Scrims/Tournaments (LoL) Clash Coaching (LoL) Managed Campaigns (D&D) Several Custom Campaigns (D&D) DM Coaching (D&D) Live Campaign Streams (D&D) Game Nights A Stylish Gamer-wear Apparel Store ... and more! Any and all games are allowed here. If you join the server and don't see a dedicated voice channel for your game, simply join the "Gaming Lounge" (a portal lobby), and it will automatically generate a new gaming vc for you and move you to it. We're currently in the process of a revamp, to better structure things for life outside of covid, and in addition we've got several large projects planned/in the works at the moment, so we are in constant need of passionate, and enthusiastic individuals to help out. Everything from developers, designers, and artists to moderators, recruiters, Team Captains, and Dungeon Masters. Eventually we plan to start training and employing our members in their fields of interest, and in that way allow them to earn money while doing something that they love. But in order to get there, we a strong core leadership! Have a look at our staff listings for more info on the available positions and feel free to reach out to StacknBodiez#2951 (CRO) or Xamyn#8398 if you have questions or need further information.



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