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Boostopia | Premium LoL Services background
Boostopia | Premium LoL Services users-three 1002 277 16 16

❗ We help our customers reach their desired rank in League of Legends and Valorant ❗ → EU & NA only ❤

Fauna♡Saps background
Fauna♡Saps users-three 388 121 4 4

FS | Fauna Saps ╔ What Fauna Saps Has To Offer: ╠ 👷 | Active Moderation Teams. ╠ 🔧 | Frequent Updates. ╠ 🥳 | Events & Giveaways. ╠ 🚗 | Dead Chat. ╠ 🫂 | Active & Respectful Community. ╠ 🚔 | Easy to apply for mod. ╠ 🎙️ | Self roles and custom roles for boosting. ╚ Many More Updates Soon To Come!

StarForge background
StarForge users-three 605 86 7 7

⭐StarForge ⚡ is the world's first LIVE interactive Gaming Reality Show 👌

Tray's Fan Lounge (And Makai Kingdom) background
Tray's Fan Lounge (And Makai Kingdom) users-three 24 10

I mostly post high quality videos of my TIHYDPs for everyone to show love to. You don't wanna miss them. We have many fun emotes.

3095 B background
3095 B users-three 17 8

Professional League of Legends boosting, elo boost.

Wedgie Little background
Wedgie Little users-three 33 2

This is a server dedicated to lil wedgies. PM owner to verify.

Brownie's Ghetto🔥 background
Brownie's Ghetto🔥 users-three 345 90 4 4

— Brownie's Ghetto🔥[16+] — Welcome to my little Hood if you wanna be a part of it you may enter through the pearlygates. You should be atleast 16 years or older.

Sunset✻Eve⁶ 会 background
Sunset✻Eve⁶ 会 users-three 131 33 12 12

We're a small community that's been around for 5 years and still going~! We occasionally play games, hang out in VCs and watch movies together! We also have a dedicated channel for Hololive enjoyers and Otakus alike! If small, organized, and cozy server is your cup of tea, then look no further! Come and join us~!

Cheese Pizza Loli Club background
Cheese Pizza Loli Club users-three 34 14

A server with premium Cheese pizza. All are welcome, including Jeffery Epstein

澪之誓约LOLILIN background
澪之誓约LOLILIN users-three 42 2


UMBRA background
UMBRA users-three 1744 613 30 30

Umbra ☽ League of Legends ~Gaming - Anime - Kawaii - Community ~Cute black aesthetics ~+300 amazing Emotes ~ +200 self-assign roles Join us now / finding new friends, don't hesitate!

HELEUS background
HELEUS users-three 309 99 7 7

Heleus strives to be a fun, relaxed, non-toxic environment that you can come and hangout in whenever you're gaming, watching movies, or just looking to hang. Our main activities include organized League of Legends Clash teams, D&D Campaigns, and game nights - but as long as you respect the rules and the vibe, anything goes! Come chill with us sometime!

EARLY GAMING background
EARLY GAMING users-three 1347 71

Bienvenue sur Early Gaming, ici vous pourrez trouvez tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour jouer et avec n'importe qui quand vous voulez !

OnPoint background
OnPoint users-three 127 31 1 1

We at OnPoint are looking for players to fill our ranks. We cater to many games we sure youd love to join others and form friendships with others in our server. All players and socials are welcome!!

NortacvaAIO background
NortacvaAIO users-three 26 15

NortacvaAIO, is a newly created community. We provide things such as Boosting Services for League Of Legends, Accounts for games/websites and more from $1.2 !

BoostGap Official background
BoostGap Official users-three 44 4

To provide the best service we work with the most experienced boosters. While creating an order, you can take advantage of many extra services for free and our order tracking service which we have created especially for you.

LOL EUNE/EUW Community background
LOL EUNE/EUW Community users-three 6 4

Seeking your perfect duo/team in League of Legends, and you're playing on EUNE or EUW? Or maybe you just want to play some normals, arams, or bot games and make some friends? You found the perfect server. Join us, and all that you were seeking may be found!

Feint Boosting background
Feint Boosting users-three 3010 985 6 6

With 2,000 members and a vouch page as long as the dictionary, we're here to help you. Feint boosting guarantees you that you will get to whatever rank you desire - and fast. With a dedicated team of the highest elo players on multiple ladders, including current professional players - there's simply no better option

The Ranch background
The Ranch users-three 52 22 2 2

Welcome to The Ranch! (16+) We are a small welcoming LGBTQ+ community focused on vibing together, gaming, watching movies, and making friends! Our goal is to make a safe place for any and all cool "cringe" people to come hang out together, without fear of harassment or bullying. We stand with Ukraine, we support Black Lives matter, we support Stop Asian Hate, we believe cringe culture is dead, we are inclusionsists, and we believe that everyone should always be kind.

Caldo Pollo background
Caldo Pollo users-three 78 7

ESP: Con discrección.. si sabes lo que significa entra a este server, aquí encontrarás contenido ENG: With discretion... if you know what it means enter this server, you will find content here

RadioVelbert - Here the music is playing background
RadioVelbert - Here the music is playing users-three 267 36 5 5

Das Projekt RadioVelbert ist eine erneuerte Form des Radios. Hierbei handelt es sich um ein Webradio. Das Webradio ist über eine Internetseite erreichbar und bietet somit enorme Vorteile. Beispiele dafür sind: eine einzigartig hohe Ver

TFG Smurfs | LoL Account Store background
TFG Smurfs | LoL Account Store users-three 39 10 2 2

TFG Smurfs | LoL Account Store We make and sell League of legends, our accounts are top quality.

⏬ MasterBase background
⏬ MasterBase users-three 162 19

⏬ MASTERBASE La MasterBase è una gilda di players e creators nata con l'obiettivo di rivoluzionare il mondo dell'intrattenimento online. La nostra filosofia attraversa numerosi media, per creare un'esperienza mai vista prima!

NexusSmurfs background
NexusSmurfs users-three 114 39

Partner To Boost The Server , interested in league of legends ,

League of Legends EUNE background
League of Legends EUNE users-three 41281 4791 35 35

We are a Legends of Legends EUNE Discord server Community with more than 50.000 Members. The server provides a wide variety of players to play with. Normal games & Ranked from Iron to Challenger and even Professional Players!