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Welcome to Azur legends were we have anime, video games and if you don't like either of those you can come on down and make some new friends!


👑We may be small but we are exploding with personality of legendary proportions! 👑 Azur legends is an Azur lane inspired anime social club filled with one of the most legendary people you've ever seen on discord, with welcoming staff and friendly members you can be sure you are welcomed with due honor and respect! We welcome anyone! Do you like video games? Talk about your favorite video game! Do you like memes? We sure do got a lot of those! do you like anime...? I mean we are an anime server so we DEFINETLY have anime. Or are you looking to meet new online friends and make some lasting wholesome connections with a new group of people? We have you covered there as well. The sky is the limit for Azur Legends and we just keep climbing higher and higher! So don't be afraid to join the fun train! Because our final destination is greatness! See you soon!



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