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LURKERS background
LURKERS users-three 851 88 8 8

We're a growing yet lazy Community with Bunch of LURKERS. Indian Community. Friendly Environment. For above 16+ Special Roles/Self Roles Active Chats & Fun Bots Bunch of Voice Channels for movie Streaming and Voicechats.

The Indian Mafia background
The Indian Mafia users-three 665 102 6 6

Wholesome server with good people, can talk in English or Hindi Most of us are Indian Enjoy here

CAFE LODGE background
CAFE LODGE users-three 2499 199 13 13

Do come & be a part of this growing community server. We believe in creating an non toxic & friendly environment for everyone in our server!

Welcome to our Discord server where we play games, chat, and have fun! We're a group of gamers and friends who love to play together and make new connections. We have dedicated channels for various games and we're always happy to team up with new players. But we're not just about gaming. We're also a community of people who enjoy hanging out and chatting about a wide range of topics, from the latest news and trends to our favorite hobbies and interests. We're all

Students Union background
Students Union users-three 2597 235 1 1

The indian student community for all of India, a fast growing server with 1.5k+ members! Join and invite all your schoolmates

Hangout - India background
Hangout - India users-three 5300 96

Welcome to Hangout - India - Chill, Friends, a non-toxic Discord community where you can relax and make new friends. Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone can feel comfortable hanging out, chatting, and having fun.

Weebgasm background
Weebgasm users-three 1178 77 12 12

πŸ’— #1 Indian Community πŸ’¬Active Chats πŸ”ŠActive VCs πŸŽ‰Active Giveaways 🌸Anime & Manga πŸ†Fun Events, Movie Nights & More.

NPCHOSTING background
NPCHOSTING users-three 78 18

Join the server for a chance to win a game server hosting! NPC Hosting

Worldwide background
Worldwide users-three 37023 3322 33 33

⭐ Join the Best Community on Discord πŸ’Ž with the Most Addicting, Welcoming ❀️ Friendly Environment & Chats πŸ’¬ for People From all Over the World 🌍 Searching for a Positive Place 🌸 to Make Friends!

A friendly community to make new friends! A server to find like-minded teenagers to befriend.

CAT Preparation background
CAT Preparation users-three 2333 41 7 7

The official CAT prep community with awesome peeps, alum et al. striving towards a 99+ percentile in CAT and beyond! ;)

BANDITS background
BANDITS users-three 19222 2644 58 58

Indian active server over more than 8000 people Regular jamming Regualr giveaways Staffs are cooperative and helpful

Crazy Life Roleplay is India's Most Unique GTA RP Server With Active Staff & Quality Roleplay. If You Want To Make a Content, then You will get lots of Content, Fully Indian based, Entertainment, DJ, High FPS-low Ping, Custom (MLO, Cars, Business, Job), 1st Time in Indian Server 2 Cities in One Server & Many More.

Young Minds of India🦚 background
Young Minds of India🦚 users-three 1538 146 9 9

Young Minds of India 🦚 is a growing community of Young Indians. Its purpose is to connect the youth of India and provide them with an open platform where they can discuss important topics, interact with each other, collaborate with everyone else, and grow together. Young people here share their ideas, knowledge, and experiences. We help each and everyone for collaborative growth because we do not need competition between us, we need collaboration to grow in our lives.

South Asian Languages background
South Asian Languages users-three 8031 755 3 3

South Asian Languages is an inclusive, family-friendly discord community for studying indian subcontinent languages like Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bangla, Punjabi, Farsi, Kannada, Sinhala, Telugu, Marathi, Sanskrit, Nepali +More

Desi HUB 18+ background
Desi HUB 18+ users-three 19544 566 2 2

。°˖ β˜† Desi HUB 18+ β˜† β€’ ──────────。°˖ βœ§γ€‚Β°Λ–βœ§β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ β€’ β‚ŠΛšβœ¦ Indian/Desi Nsfw server β‚ŠΛšβœ¦ Girls Only section β‚ŠΛšβœ¦ Organized server β‚ŠΛšβœ¦ Exclusive porn chan

The ADHD Indian background
The ADHD Indian users-three 1330 72 3 3

The ADHD Indian community provides a safe space for Indians with ADHD to connect and share resources to overcome their struggles.