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Teen Non-Toxic Fun background
Teen Non-Toxic Fun users-three 4155 378 23 23

A cool community server for anyone and everyone! Join, maybe you'll like it and stay!

Teen dating background
Teen dating users-three 2 2

This a sever for 13 to 17 to come and date or make new friendships come any join if this is for you.

kireina’s bookstore ! background
kireina’s bookstore ! users-three 140 28 2 2

If you are looking for a NEW 13+, chill and welcoming sever, then this one is the place for you!

LURKERS background
LURKERS users-three 879 140 8 8

We're a growing yet lazy Community with Bunch of LURKERS. Indian Community. Friendly Environment. For above 16+ Special Roles/Self Roles Active Chats & Fun Bots Bunch of Voice Channels for movie Streaming and Voicechats.

Hogwarts University for Furry Spellcasters background
Hogwarts University for Furry Spellcasters users-three 24 7 2 2

Are you tired of children on discord? Do you want a safe place to RP with other furries? Do you want to learn to do spells and stuff? Then drag your fuzzy (or fuzzy ally) butt down to: The Hogwarts University for Furry Spellcasters! Set in a parallel universe where Hogwarts is a school for adult witches and wizards who wish to hone their craft, or simply came into their magical studies a little later than usual!

Teen’s chat background
Teen’s chat users-three 39 11

This is a server for anyone through the age of 13-18 to come and meet people, find a romantic relationship, and be a community!

13-17 hangout background
13-17 hangout users-three 620 77 3 3

a safe space for people 13-17 can hangout and chat

Your closet (lgbtq+ room) background
Your closet (lgbtq+ room) users-three 56 22

Hi! I would love if you stopped scrolling for a minute or two to read this. This is a server for teens in specific, that means everyone 13+ and 19-. We're mainly SFW aside from some jokes every now and then; we allow systems and age/pet regressors, and potentially straight people. More in the long description

Teen Group Chat background
Teen Group Chat users-three 1218 95 1 1

Looking for active members so don't be afraid to join and start some dumbass convos!

Make Best Friends <3 background
Make Best Friends <3 users-three 29 1

This is a server meant to help provide gamers with teammates, bring friends closer together in a respectful environment, and give helpful insights in life for people interested in astrology and tarot readings! We have Voice Chat lounges, Private rooms with streaming capabilities, and active forum pages! ⤫‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒‒⤬ ❀ Roles ❀ Streaming pings ❀ Emojis

Devil Fruit Giveaways background
Devil Fruit Giveaways users-three 2419 165 2 2

We're a community that is mainly created to make new friends and chill in your free time. We always chill with new members so that they can feel a part of the community. We offer: 🤗Warm Community🌾Growing Server🍄Active Staff🌿SFW Server✨Partnerships🌸Anime Discussions⭐Chill Server⛩️Roblox Community🌎Active Social Channels💦Mudae & Poketwo Channels

verdant background
verdant users-three 319 68

❤️ ➫ A safe and friendly community 💗 ➫ level up perks ❤️ ➫ self roles 💗 ➫ music bots ❤️ ➫ debate channel 💗 ➫ anime channel ➫ This is a safe and friendly community where you can chat anyone, make new friends and best of all have a laugh 😆

teen alley background
teen alley users-three 990 59 1 1

Were a friendly community that offers many different channels for you to chat in This is a brand new server so it isnt that active right now. Our community is very friendly and we welcome everyone no matter your race, religion, gender, sexuality, etc. We have Non NSFW channels while we also offer NSFW channels that do require verification. Verification is very simple. Come make some friends (and maybe even find that special someone ;) ) Hop on to the server!!! We cant wait to see y

teen hangout background
teen hangout users-three 488 88 6 6

everyone 13-17 is welcome we have reaction roles a few bots come join in

Arkansas Femboys background
Arkansas Femboys users-three 59 21

A server specifically for femboys or any LGBTQ from or around Arkansas!

Teen Paradise background
Teen Paradise users-three 288 20

Hello, welcome to Teen Paradise. This is a place for everyone under 18 to have a great time and relax. We offer some spicy channels for verified pepes but that’s not our focus! We just want to have a fun area for anyone under 18 to connect and have a great time.

Sad Boi's Wonderful Emporium background
Sad Boi's Wonderful Emporium users-three 31 11

Hey! Welcome to the best place on the internet (probably). If you’re looking for a friendly discord server to meet friends you found the right spot. We have many fun bots to play with like Mudae and the famous Pokémon bot Myuu. There’s also weekly events (if i’m not busy) and overall a positive environment. So what are you waiting for come join.

special hours🚬 background
special hours🚬 users-three 11 5

This chat is simply for studs and femmes. Basically if you white you ain’t a stud that’s not your title. My real studs know. So no whites can join only black. This is black culture so time to enjoy it.

Cat_palace background
Cat_palace users-three 308 59

This is a server me and my friends made to help teens find love and friends. This server tries to be as Non-Toxic as possible, Nice and Have Fun We Have Roles, Gaming chats and some more. INTRODUCTION IS SADLY REQUIRED 13+ Hope you join and have fun. :)) :]

Youth for Christ background
Youth for Christ users-three 100 32 2 2

Christian community {teens and young adults} with a Saturday night VIRTUAL SMALL GROUP and a multitude of channels for specific interests {i.e. gaming or social media}. This is the perfect place to socialize online with other super duper fun Christians!

alens' (euw) background
alens' (euw) users-three 267 50

League Of Legends - EUW - Just a simple league of legends discord server for people to connect and play on EUW :)

Cuties Cafe background
Cuties Cafe users-three 864 94

Cuties Cafe ✦ vc ✦ ✦ are you s-shy, then you can chat ✦ ✦ make friends ✦ ✦ play video games idk✦ ✦ what else do i write ✦ ✦ bro join stop reading ✦

Haii, come join us! We are a laid back server just here to conversate enjoy company and have fun with, server games, events, many channels, and fun people! Don’t miss out on a new home :))!

Goofy Goobers background
Goofy Goobers users-three 1262 104 2 2

This is a hideout for anyone ages 13-17 to chat and socialize in. (NSFW Channels Included If You Want) discord.gg/Yc3N24qABK

Darkweb Hideout background
Darkweb Hideout users-three 101 5

This is your gateway to C*P Paradise join quickly (this is text to fill up the meter)

000000 background
000000 users-three 86 15

just a cool server to meet new people. if u just wanna talk and have fun, join lmao. special roles for people who help the server grow! also, we are looking for staff!

NovaGanG background
NovaGanG users-three 59 34

A Small But Happy Community! Tons Of Game Bots! Positivity and Motivation! No Negativity! Have fun!

♡ 𝙘𝙝𝙤𝙘𝙤 𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙠 🍫🥛 background
♡ 𝙘𝙝𝙤𝙘𝙤 𝙢𝙞𝙡𝙠 🍫🥛 users-three 72 13

A friendly community to make new friends! A server to find like-minded teenagers to befriend.

Femboy House background
Femboy House users-three 84 25 1 1

This server is a small hangout of teens who like/are femboys/rosboys! It's also just a chill place to make friends and meet new people. :) ♡ 13-19! ♡ LGBTQ+ Postive! ♡ Tons of roles! ♡ VCs! ♡ And more!

Writing Buddies background
Writing Buddies users-three 67 16

This is a server for you to talk about your stories and bounce ideas off each other. Fantasy and sci-fi beginner writers can join to find beta readers, someone to write with, and just share what you think of. This is for teenagers or people in their early twenties. It will also be used to chat and socialize with each other. No NSFW content.