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Welcome to Takeshi Creative Studio | NFT Projects. We are a professional NFT studio that committed to create the real and best NFT Collection with low mint price. Join our server now to get your chance!


We are the real NFT Artist. We always and will always create original, unique, quality and valuable NFT collection for you! We will set mint price as low as we can so every investors from all levels can have opportunity to collect our unique NFTs. Buying our NFTs will be the best start if you plan to invest or trade NFT. We will build a trust, strong and safe NFT community for everyone. We have missions and goals to reach everyday. Just join our server and enjoy your great time with our community! We are committed to create the real NFT for you. When we said we create 10.000 NFTs in one collection, it mean we really do it. NO SCAM. We also have long term mission that you can join in. So, don't worry to invest in our NFTs. Currently we have had 2 NFT Collections: (1) Tofuhustle NFT (2) THPA NFT We will always waiting for you to become our best Collectors / Traders!



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