Omnilague™ 2nd Anniversary

Omnilague™ 2nd AnniversaryBasic

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【Language Exchange Discord Server】 The aim of this sovereign community is to promote language learning and exchange. We welcome those servers who want to establish cooperative and diplomatic relations with us!


【Language Exchange Discord Server】 WE HAVE ESTABLISHED THE FOLLOWING CHANNELS OF LANGUAGES: -Taiwanese Mandarin Chinese (Traditional) -Beijing Mandarin Chinese (Simplified) -Hong Kong Cantonese (Hong Kong Traditional) -English (various accents to choose from) -Japanese (standard accent or the Kansai accent) -Korean (South and North(?) Koreans' varieties) -Spanish (Spain, Brazil, Columbia, or Nicaragua) -French (France, Canada, Côte d'Ivoire, Switzerland) -German (Germany, Switzerland) -Russian -Italian -Arabic ...AND OTHERS: -Exam/ Prescriptive English Grammar -Linguistics -Literature WHO DO WE RECRUIT? 1. Those who want to exchange languages 2. Those who want to exchange culture 3. Those who want to make friends across the globe WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT OMNILAGUE? We promote language learning and exchange and advocate equality in language and preserve minor languages based on the concept of language diversity; We distinguish little nuance for different accents and treat all of them equally: American, British, Canadian, Indian, Singaporean, Australian English, etc., for instance; We use role tags for a means how you can hide the languages channels that you are not interested in; We install custom voice chat channels, which allow you to create a temporary and personal voice channel just for your friends; We constantly have active voice chat events; With some basic rules, we do not limit the controversial dialogues based on democratic and academic foundations; With some basic rules, we 100% respect your personality and freedom of speech; There are possibilities where other servers establish cooperative and diplomatic partnerships with this server after getting permission from the admin team.



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