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Chatango background
Chatango users-three 162 47 18 18

Want to Make friends with ppl 18 and above? Looking for a place to chill and game with others? Want to watch Movies, Anime, Korean Dramas & even do some singing? Well look no further, Chatango is your new home.

Next Level Up™ background
Next Level Up™ users-three 24 12

This is a teens only server if your over 17 don't ever Think about joining. (No pedos) try joining before scrolling away you never know whats in here

hot ppl only background
hot ppl only users-three 24 14 4 4

HII JOIN FOR FRIENDS OR SOMETHING MORE 🙏🙏 (goth girls and femboys included)

Seven Clusters background
Seven Clusters users-three 12 9

Hello and welcome to Seven Clusters! This is a brand new social server for teens and young adults! Stop by and say hello!

Lost In Blue background
Lost In Blue users-three 59 29

Just a small server looking for good members to have fun also we are a cool bunch.

Goofy Goobers background
Goofy Goobers users-three 111 29 4 4

hi hello hey we are obsessed with spongebob, its bascially a cult.. we play games, watch movies, and hang out! 18+ only, you will be banned under 18.

༘ ୨ Hanamura ୧ ˖* ೃ࿔ background
༘ ୨ Hanamura ୧ ˖* ೃ࿔ users-three 42 14 4 4

・୨・┈┈┈┈┈・୨ ✦ ୧・┈┈┈┈┈・୧・ Welcome! We are a SFW/Nontox discord server here to help others make more Overwatch friends! We offer many things and would love to have you here

Reforce background
Reforce users-three 12 9

teens only server 13-17 that's it. please don't join if you are over 17 because that's kind of the rule ya know?

Furrys refugees background
Furrys refugees users-three 19 7

Don't mind the background picture that's just what I had at the time of putting up this server, read the description

The Neighborhood background
The Neighborhood users-three 31 8 2 2

This is a server for chatting about webtoon/manga/manhwa/anime series that have to do with kids and pets. We are very friendly and fun so even if you haven't seen many anime or manga/manhwa you can still enjoy being here. Don't be shy and join!❤️

Elijah_the_Sapphires server background
Elijah_the_Sapphires server users-three 15 12

A server for you to make friends and play games and make art and so much more

OCCULTUS® background
OCCULTUS® users-three 67 23 15 15

Occultus was created to reunite different communities of various languages all together. Here we provide Gaming experience, Chatting to find teams or friends, Spotify Playlists, Trash Talking, various collabs and more!

The Imperfectionists [BETA] background
The Imperfectionists [BETA] users-three 16 9

Make friends, game and hang out in this server! This server is a safe place to chill and talk to new and unique people, we hope you have fun here!

Batman WHO background
Batman WHO users-three 20 11

HELLO welcome join idc what you do chat do anything and we are a antiquary server

Chillzone Crew background
Chillzone Crew users-three 43 15

Just a server where people can make friends, participate in friends, game woth others.