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🔹We are having staff recruitments and on our way to host some event both in server and games. The server is getting revamped. Join the journey 🔜


. Welcome to the [ ᄊノd刀ノgんț ᄊムキノム ] gaming community. What to expect here? 🔹Content related to gaming on multiple platforms like on android, pc, and IOS. 🔹Content related to live streaming, discussion calls, multi genre music night. 🔹Events, giveaways, in-server games, official crews from games, crew recruitments. 🔹Non-toxic members. We do not promote racial, caste, class discrimination or gender bias. 🔹Co-friendly staff with recruitment going on for new ones often. 🔹Interactive bots, lots of music bots and channels to vibe 24/7 on live radio streams. 🔹Channel promotion, levelling up events, mutual monetization. 🔹Economy bots, AI bots, 24/7 live music, RPG bots, Pokémon and many more to come. 🔹Hashiriya Drifter 🔹FR Legends 🔹PUBG Mobile 🔹COD Mobile 🔹PokémonGo 🔹Randonautica 🔹Survival on Raft and a lot more on its way. Join us to be a part of the chill experience while you spend your nights alone. Don't forget to bump us!



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