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Home of the Cardano NFT (CNFT) project ADA Aces, which are comic book style character art that are then given names, traits & backstories by the community & holders of those NFTs. Graphic novel & board game featuring ADA Aces will be upcoming NFT projects as well.


Have you ever created a character in an RPG or D&D? Remember the smile that crept across your face as you thought of a cool reason to have those stats? Or the laughs had while min-maxing the goofiest player imaginable? The goal of this project is to give ADA Aces NFT holders the ownership of their idea. Then, we will bring those ideas together for an interwoven, community-created world to be used in future projects. How can you make a buyer's idea an NFT? ADA Aces aren't just art, they're characters. We supply the artwork, YOU get to tell the story. At certain designated raffles & surprise events, the owner of an ADA Aces NFT may have a chance to fill out the corresponding Character Card, detailing name, abilities, quirks or backstory of that Ace. We then mint an NFT, locking the details to that ADA Ace forever, and airdrop the companion NFT to the owner. In the future, this character may be used in stories, as a playable character, or spawn new NFTs fleshing out personality. Let us be real. We see NFTs as our best shot at finally getting our creativity seen. "I'm interested in one thing, the future, and believe me, I know. The only way to get there is together." -The Oracle. Sure, she may have turned out to be the evil genius of the Matrix franchise, but she's right about that one thing. I can't, nor do I want to, endure this NFT journey alone. That's the inception point of community-created characters. We're all trying to Ace this or that, but it's easier to succeed when playing with a full deck. Therefore, ADA Aces' Discord server will host a community of the 52 most enthusiastic, driven members of the community. The Full Deck will make decisions on how best to move the project forward, and it's member list will be reassessed at regular intervals. Full Deck members will also be entitled to special rewards of ADA & NFTs (Think what @CardanoCarnival is doing.) The final decisio

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