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The Locket background
The Locket users-three 33 20 2 2

This server is set in a fae themed pocket dimension, inside of a locket that Ezra keeps near them at all times. Do you want to join her collection?

The Chaos Beans Chillcenter background
The Chaos Beans Chillcenter users-three 94 44

I am a Vtuber gamer girl that plays any game that is popular and this is my server! Come join us at: https://www.twitch.tv/chaosellievt

Blair's Dungeon background
Blair's Dungeon users-three 30 6

Small Server for a small aspiring Vtuber. Mods needed

GENESIX - Vtuber Agency background
GENESIX - Vtuber Agency users-three 1824 291 14 14

Wholesome vtuber enthusiasts. Join us for gaming, chill, talk about pop culture or hide from that group of friends ;)

•VTadventures Community• リーバイス background
•VTadventures Community• リーバイス users-three 99 30

Welcome to our server, you can chitchat with your friends and others

Vnet Entertainment background
Vnet Entertainment users-three 195 55 2 2

Vnet live 配信 Discord is a cozy & SFW space for VTubers/VStreamers, but also for anyone who enjoys Anime & Gaming. Members are able to promote their content, create their own channels & much more.

Word Of Games background
Word Of Games users-three 40 7

Bienvenidos a la pequeña comunidad de Word Of Games un servidor para jugar, ablar de anime, hacer pendejadas

☁ KozyLand ! background
☁ KozyLand ! users-three 144 67 2 2

Welcome to Kozy's official Discord server! Kozy is a small vtuber that streams on Twitch. Stay up-to-date, meet new people, and find other content creators to collaborate with :D

HoloList background
HoloList users-three 17 2

HoloList is a comprehensive database of VTubers (Virtual YouTubers). Our mission is simply to provide a comprehensive set of resources for researching VTubers.

VTubing United background
VTubing United users-three 59 25

Welcome to VTubing United! A VTubing Server created for VTubers by VTubers, with the goal of creating collaborations, helping upcoming new talents get discovered, as well as being a place fans can chat and interact.

🎐MoonJelly Cafe🎐 background
🎐MoonJelly Cafe🎐 users-three 2004 168 14 14

The MoonJelly Cafe is an online hub for those who love gaming, art, anime, and just hanging out! Come have fun and say hi!!!