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We do free nitro giveaways in the server and everyone gets a chance to win. We also host events and everything as well we play games so we have lots of fun in the community


🎉 Nitro Community 🎉 Hey, welcome to Nitro Community! This is a giveaway themed server where we host tons of giveaways. What is this server? Here we are friendly , other than nitro giveaways we connect with our members and make it a safe environment for everyone. We do some fun events as well . We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community! How do I know this is legit? You will be able to see proof of giveaway payouts in the following channels: How can I partner with you? If you would like to partner with us check out for more information! Do we own any other servers? Yes we do, in fact we own multiple servers which you can see in #networkd ! (We are partnered/network) How can I enter a giveaway? You can enter a giveaway by reacting to giveaways with the correct emojis. (Ex: 🎉 ) Examples of channels where we host giveaways are: 🔗 🔗 🔗



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