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Dive into the our first P2E game to NODE Metaverse. Our NFTs are renewable and never become garbage data. Aren't you looking for a P2E with a clear investment value and fun? Then we can be your solution.


Many P2Es value incinerators in tokenomics. It is of course very important to expand and build a good token incinerator. But can we say that P2E's token economy was well designed? Team NODE does not allow NFT and mined coins to be used on a one-off basis in the first project. NFT, which has become a data creation due to inflation, and coins with reduced value cannot please users. NFTs and tokens in 'E-Racing.NODE', our first project P2E, can actually be used in our second and third project P2E and are designed to benefit from more than simple use. Finally, they gave holders a reason to deviate from the pattern aimed only at simple cashing. The end of our roadmap signals that a huge NODE metaverse will be built and that NFTs and tokens from all the previous games will be used within it. They also reward loyal holders who have been with NODE's history with greater benefits than users who come in after the metaverse was created. The concept given this connection is innovative in a way that has never been. In order to use NFT in connection, it must be kept, but there is a possibility that it can be used for other services even if it is not necessarily one service. In order for P2E games to succeed, they have to be faithful to the value of the game nature of fun, but let's quickly meet E-Racing.NODE, which has a casualness that can be easily enjoyed and also has a Player vs Player (PvP) method.



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