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NFT ALL & E-Racing.NODE background
NFT ALL & E-Racing.NODE users-three 4040 12 2 2

Dive into the our first P2E game to NODE Metaverse. Our NFTs are renewable and never become garbage data. Aren't you looking for a P2E with a clear investment value and fun? Then we can be your solution.

Realbox background
Realbox users-three 843 56

Realbox - the technology-driven real estate platform that will innovate property investment for everyone.

Legendary Community background
Legendary Community users-three 49 24

The Legendary Community is a community that brings together people, players and developers. It is a place for everyone to express their opinion, share ideas and network.

Ethreon By KrystalKlear background
Ethreon By KrystalKlear users-three 81 19 2 2

🗣️Long before space and time as we know it there was a highly advanced society that thrived on the planet Ethreon. Join us as we take you on an immersive experience leading into a new universe, filled with endless possibilities.

SLguru background
SLguru users-three 503 71

2003年から続く息の長いバーチャルワールド Second Life (セカンドライフ) の日本語ユーザー向け非公式Discordサーバーです。 📌自動収集での情報掲載 📌テキストチャンネルのみ 📌声かけしません 📌R18+要素は公式に準じます(つまりOK) ~法定成人指定はSecondLifeの規約です~ ※NFTや暗号通貨などのメタバース資産系の話題は扱っていません。

NFT MAG background
NFT MAG users-three 331 11

Join the NFT MAG community! https://nftsmag.net

We Run Meta background
We Run Meta users-three 631 27

The Metaverse World is a great community for everyone to discuss about NFTS & Crypto and learn about new projects easily !👀

Voxel City background
Voxel City users-three 2282 47

Welcome to the Voxel City Project! This new world is an unprecedented opportunity for anyone who wants to stake their claim on the virtual landscape. The perfect place to call home is waiting for you among our quiet, tree lined suburban streets or sun-kissed waterfronts. If more of the hustle and bustles of city life suits your tastes then look no further than one of our central business districts.

DoRac Official background
DoRac Official users-three 7875 310 1 1

Worlds first doge racing game built on blockchain DoRac - utility NFTs, RPG elements and so much more to explore in DoRac Metaverse!

Twitch Pixel Studios background
Twitch Pixel Studios users-three 1242 44 1 1

We are both an #animated #series and a expanded universe of animated #shorts where your #NFTs can come to life! We want our Community to be apart of our lore by having their NFTs take center stage in our fan driven animated shorts of our expanded universe!

FashionableMetaverse background
FashionableMetaverse users-three 66 7

Talks about the Metaverse, NFTs and Fashion. We are here to share and learn from each other

MetaTrekkers background
MetaTrekkers users-three 1738 139 1 1

⭐ Hybrid NFT collection and Decentraland Elon Musk Museum⭐ 📈 10 sealed Tesla Tequila bottles + 10 unique NFT artworks are hitting the ETH blockchain. As displayed in Decentraland -69,-139 🤑 Weekly giveaways. The first hybrid NFT collection on OpenSea. 👀 Visionary investment through hybrid NFTs. A unique Elon Musk collection in Decentraland, OpenSea and the ETH blockchain