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Islamic Thought background
Islamic Thought users-three 876 89 5 5

This is a server dedicated to high standard conversations around Islam, comparative theology, and philosophy, while also being a platform to keep each other up to date on what we ought to know about the world around us.

Jordan Academia | Ιορδανία background
Jordan Academia | Ιορδανία users-three 3670 315 4 4

A library filled with islamic sources such as links, books, and more into proving Islam. Join if you're Muslim or interested in joining islam.

Al-Qaim | القائِم background
Al-Qaim | القائِم users-three 282 40 1 1

Al-Qaim is a Shia Islamic server where you can learn about Islam and hang out with other Muslims.

🇵🇸 The Truth Exposers 🇵🇸 background
🇵🇸 The Truth Exposers 🇵🇸 users-three 9 4

This server is made to expose the truth about Israel and made for people to hangout.

BLAHAJ WORLD background
BLAHAJ WORLD users-three 34 15 4 4

This is yet another 4tran server with a qatar theme for the time being.

Pakistan background
Pakistan users-three 3552 131 20 20

Insan ke bachay, mast mahol! Anti-borgor semi-halal.

Ummah™ | الأمة background
Ummah™ | الأمة users-three 14531 2573 102 102

#1 Muslim server to help the world. We offer knowledge, reminders, debates, and many more! All religions are welcome.

Shadow Garden™ background
Shadow Garden™ users-three 43 19

Welcome to our server! - Arabic / English - We play some games too - We don't support any kind of LGBT agendas, respectfully avoid that at all.

yo its a new server its bout gaming and anime community but it got the vibe if u wanna hop in trust me dawgs itll be worth it and you wont get bored cuz its small but active as f

21st Century Apostates background
21st Century Apostates users-three 40 21

Welcome to 21st Century Apostates. A server for irreligious Ex-Muslims!

🔻 Digital Islamic Library 🔻 background
🔻 Digital Islamic Library 🔻 users-three 2067 134

Digital Islamic Library is a hub of knowledge and productive discussions for anyone who wants to learn more about Islam. We offer: - A giant library of resources on Islam for both new and current Muslims in more than SEVEN LANGUAGES. - Resources on refuting false religions, and resources on history, politics and languages. - Active chats for general and productive discussions on many different topics. - Channels for book reviews, discussions and recommendations.

Al Mu'minaat background
Al Mu'minaat users-three 14 10

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته Welcome to Al Mu'minaat! This is a FEMALE-ONLY community. This server follows the Qur'an and Sunnah with the understanding of the pious predecessors. https://discord.gg/j9ctK2RVR

Al Haqq™  |  الحق background
Al Haqq™  |  الحق users-three 100 31

"Al Haqq | الحق: Embrace unity, knowledge, and spiritual growth! Join our vibrant Islamic community to engage with diverse individuals, deepen your understanding of Islam, and embark on a path of profound spiritual growth. Discover inspiration, broaden your knowledge, and connect with a supportive community at Al Haqq | الحق."

Modern Muslim background
Modern Muslim users-three 216 16 15 15

Embrace Unity & Learn Together: Modern Muslim - A Vibrant Hub for Interfaith Connections, Education, and Community!

ahlam 🌙 [revamping] background
ahlam 🌙 [revamping] users-three 167 38

Never miss the opportunity to put a smile on someone's face. -> muslim/islamic majority, will help anyone with any questions about the religion -> most of use are arabs or desis but you may join even if you're not idk we just chat and be goofy