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Desi Gang background
Desi Gang users-three 94 34 2 2

Looking for a vibrant and diverse Discord community? Look no further! Desi Gang has it all!

Ummah™ | الأمة background
Ummah™ | الأمة users-three 11312 689 34 34

#1 Muslim server to help the world. We offer knowledge, reminders, debates, and many more! All religions are welcome.

Pakistan background
Pakistan users-three 3086 132 20 20

Insan ke bachay, mast mahol! Anti-borgor semi-halal.

Islamic Thought background
Islamic Thought users-three 780 89 12 12

This is a server dedicated to high standard conversations around Islam, comparative theology, and philosophy, while also being a platform to keep each other up to date on what we ought to know about the world around us.

Library of Jordan | Ιορδανία background
Library of Jordan | Ιορδανία users-three 2266 290

A library filled with islamic sources such as links, books, and more into proving Islam. Join if you're Muslim or interested in joining islam.

Digital Islamic Library is a hub of knowledge and productive discussions for anyone who wants to learn more about Islam. We offer: - A giant library of resources on Islam for both new and current Muslims in more than SEVEN LANGUAGES. - Resources on refuting false religions, and resources on history, politics and languages. - Active chats for general and productive discussions on many different topics. - Channels for book reviews, discussions and recommendations.

Desi Gang background
Desi Gang users-three 135 52 2 2

Hello everyone! This is a community server. Make new friends, chat, chill and enjoy here! you can also play different types of games aswell. but this is an Islamic server!

Muslim Army background
Muslim Army users-three 24 19

Hi everyone! this is community is totally Islamic and made for Muslims only. You can find naats, Islamic videos and pics, Hadiths daily, Islamic wallpapers, duas and Much more. Thank you for joining!

Guardians background
Guardians users-three 17 13

Hi everyone! this is a server where u can play different games with new people, watch and send memes, get motivational quotes, TikTok reels, see pc setups, get wallpapers, watch and send vehicle pics and videos.

Al Haqq™  |  الحق background
Al Haqq™  |  الحق users-three 111 34

"Al Haqq | الحق: Embrace unity, knowledge, and spiritual growth! Join our vibrant Islamic community to engage with diverse individuals, deepen your understanding of Islam, and embark on a path of profound spiritual growth. Discover inspiration, broaden your knowledge, and connect with a supportive community at Al Haqq | الحق."

Modern Muslim background
Modern Muslim users-three 229 22 14 14

Embrace Unity & Learn Together: Modern Muslim - A Vibrant Hub for Interfaith Connections, Education, and Community!

ahlam 🌙 [revamping] background
ahlam 🌙 [revamping] users-three 167 38

Never miss the opportunity to put a smile on someone's face. -> muslim/islamic majority, will help anyone with any questions about the religion -> most of use are arabs or desis but you may join even if you're not idk we just chat and be goofy

As Sakeenah ◈ السكينة 🏴 background
As Sakeenah ◈ السكينة 🏴 users-three 298 78

☆༺السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته༻☆ ﷽ الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على سيد المرسلين وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين ☆ Welcome Brothers and Sisters to As Sakeenah | السكينة 🏴 Our server is dedicated to providing a place for Muslims to learn about Islam. We spread knowledge about Islam, and debate & discuss other religions. Our goal is to provide a chill environmen

Religion & Politics background
Religion & Politics users-three 1103 285 15 15

We discuss Religion & Politics and various current topics! We host events regularly! All types of people are allowed & Welcome!

.wealth background
.wealth users-three 234 30

Join our server for motivation on your deen. Everyone is free to join, Muslim or not. Please do be respectful as this is a server for religious guidance. However, you can chat freely and not everything has to be based on Islam. Just have fun!