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Christian Universalists background
Christian Universalists users-three 280 85 14 14

❤️Embrace diversity, explore beliefs, evolve together. All are welcome and accepted with love❤️

Sapientia Sodalitas background
Sapientia Sodalitas users-three 267 68 12 12

Join Sapientia Sodalitas, where we explore typology (MBTI, Enneagram), politics, theology, philosophy, and more. Share knowledge, ideas, and perspectives. Let's grow together in an inclusive community of engaging discussions!

beit-el background
beit-el users-three 176 44 2 2

WE HAVE: 💭 • religion & pronouns self-roles, + custom roles! 📢 • semi-active chat 👥 • a friendly, growing community & active partnerships 🎓 • spiritual, religious & philosophical chats (+ more!) 💬 • prompts for debate & discussion!

0rder background
0rder users-three 67 28 4 4

within this enchanting server, members embark on a captivating journey through the mystic worlds of astrology, the nuanced depths of MBTI personality analysis, the profound insights of psychology, and the contemplative wisdom of philosophy

Digital Islamic Library is a hub of knowledge and productive discussions for anyone who wants to learn more about Islam. We offer: - A giant library of resources on Islam for both new and current Muslims in more than SEVEN LANGUAGES. - Resources on refuting false religions, and resources on history, politics and languages. - Active chats for general and productive discussions on many different topics. - Channels for book reviews, discussions and recommendations.

Purpose 42 background
Purpose 42 users-three 44 21 14 14

Hi you! Purpose 42 is a crowdsourced self-help, wellness and support group based on the ideas of humanism and humanist psychology. All people welcome but must obey our rules. We are also looking to connect with artists and creators.

Library of Jordan | Ιορδανία background
Library of Jordan | Ιορδανία users-three 2334 286 1 1

A library filled with islamic sources such as links, books, and more into proving Islam. Join if you're Muslim or interested in joining islam.

AS/EU-Lang+Software background
AS/EU-Lang+Software users-three 36 9

Welcome ROLES+ colors ░gender-age ░asian-country ░asian-languages ░european-country ░european-languages

𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐃 background
𝐋𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐑𝐀𝐃 users-three 1095 52 9 9

We welcome you to our Community, where discussions about socialism take place.

The Antinatalist Hideout background
The Antinatalist Hideout users-three 138 23

This is a discord server dedicated to the philosophy of Antinatalism. Anyone can join this server, whether one be an Antinatalist or not, everyone is welcome.

Patriot Debates™ background
Patriot Debates™ users-three 32 12

Hello and welcome to Patriot Debates™! We are a server who's goal is to make a fun and dynamic platform for all who would like to debate on topic whether it is controversial or not! Keep in mind, we do not allow Nazis.

Quran & Deism background
Quran & Deism users-three 20 10

This server main interest is exploring the intersection of the Quran and Deism. All beliefs and background are welcomed.

Debaters' Lounge background
Debaters' Lounge users-three 876 111 2 2

The Debaters' Lounge is the best server for casually debating about and discussing practically anything under the sun!

Nameless Debates II background
Nameless Debates II users-three 4673 693 17 17

Nameless Debates is a discord community which is oriented around the idea of dialectics and a search for what is true through discussions and debates with those with whom we disagree.

Authoritarian Discussion background
Authoritarian Discussion users-three 15 8

This server exists for the purpose of civil dialog between adherents of authoritarian ideologies of both the right and left wing spectrums. Non-authoritarians are also welcome to join, participate, ask questions, or debate authoritarians. All ideologies are welcome as long as you follow


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