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Servants of the Most High background
Servants of the Most High users-three 216 55 5 5

Christian community focused on deliverance, healing, and growing in the things of the Spirit.

Youth for Christ background
Youth for Christ users-three 100 32 2 2

Christian community {teens and young adults} with a Saturday night VIRTUAL SMALL GROUP and a multitude of channels for specific interests {i.e. gaming or social media}. This is the perfect place to socialize online with other super duper fun Christians!

Faith Alone background
Faith Alone users-three 124 51 2 2

γ€šWelcome to Faith Aloneγ€› --------------------------------------------- A Friendly Active Christian Protestant Community with all Protestant Staff

Catholic apologetics and fun background
Catholic apologetics and fun users-three 341 118

We seek to become the biggest catholic server in the Christian section. We have 300+ SOURCES, FREE EBOOKS AND MUCH MORE! In this server we welcome everyone, catholics, orthodoxs and protestants(non catholic Christians), we also allow other faiths to remain, but you don't have to spread heresy. Some faiths might be banned, check out the rules we discuss about apologetics, Church things and debate with non catholics. Further, this server has a lot of freedom compared to other serve

Video Game Gospel Community background
Video Game Gospel Community users-three 549 70 7 7

We exist to share the Gospel online and make disciples. Join fellowship through gaming events, movies and conversation. Get discipleship through live Bible studies, Podcasts, and YouTube Videos. With much love and prayer, we hope to see you there!

Wir sind umgezogen background
Wir sind umgezogen users-three 455 45

Hier kannst Du Dich ΓΌber das Christentum austauschen.

The CC background
The CC users-three 14 6

* Religion * The Bible * Jesus is God * Debates * Events * Community * Fun *

The Elect background
The Elect users-three 47 12

Fellowship with followers of the Way. We are a friendly, Christ-centered community and have (almost) daily Bible studies. Curious unbelievers are welcome as well. We love Jesus and want to share the good news with the world. πŸ“– (Almost) daily Bible studies πŸ€— Community πŸ™Œ Edifying content πŸ†™ Levels 🀣 Memes 🎢 Music bots

Jesus Christ Community background
Jesus Christ Community users-three 232 35

Hello! This is a non-trinitarian Christian community for followers of Jesus Christ. In this community you can play games, study and all that good stuff with fellow followers of Christ.

The Jesus Gym background
The Jesus Gym users-three 18 4

A Christian server of dudes trying to better themselves physically and spiritually.