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Portal Community background
Portal Community users-three 3799 1196 11 11

This is a server about the Portal games made by Valve. You can discuss Portal, play cooperative mode on Portal 2 with members of the server, share and play Portal 2 community test chambers, as well as submit your Challenge Mode times to enter the leaderboard!

Nex's Universe ・Portal ・Services・Community background
Nex's Universe ・Portal ・Services・Community users-three 842 168 8 8

Nex studios is a business and community server! We have an ever growing staff team, and daily events!

Inky Fish Reef background
Inky Fish Reef users-three 31 8

My server is about My YouTube and Im just a portal 2 fan so ya...

mitsu background
mitsu users-three 95 25

mitsuhashish's official gamedev/indiedec community server, come in and enjoy chatting with me and other developers, share your work and get valuable feedback!