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Anime Central background
Anime Central users-three 6484 781 1 1

⸝⸝ 🎸 ˚ ₊ 𐑂 Fun and great bots ! ଓ ︵⌗ 🍱 ˚ ₊ 𐑂 Lots of anime news ! ଓ Welcome to our great wholesome anime server we got all you need fun bots and great anime news. We a nice safe for work everything anime related server.

SEPHIORA background
SEPHIORA users-three 901 123 8 8

❤️ It's a very simple server for a very simple purpose, a wholesome community and cozy as one's bedroom! ˏˋ ♡ °•*⁀➷ ❝ What we offer ❞ ✧ ೃ༄ ♡ Cute emojis, close knit community. ♡ An aesthetic wonde

Social Distance background
Social Distance users-three 102 19

A place to socialize online and meet new people Gain roles and play games and lvl up

Next Level Up™ background
Next Level Up™ users-three 24 12

This is a teens only server if your over 17 don't ever Think about joining. (No pedos) try joining before scrolling away you never know whats in here

FARXWAY Homeland background
FARXWAY Homeland users-three 430 82 7 7

Welcome to FARXWAY Homeland! All music producers, gamers and content creators are invited! | Music • Art • Games | - Music Producers - Graphic Designers - Content Creators (Youtubers, Twitch Streamers etc.)

LURKERS background
LURKERS users-three 1546 95 8 8

We're a growing yet lazy Community with Bunch of LURKERS. Indian Community. Friendly Environment. For above 16+ Special Roles/Self Roles Active Chats & Fun Bots Bunch of Voice Channels for movie Streaming and Voicechats.

Haven | social • fun • dm background
Haven | social • fun • dm users-three 53 22

We are not specifically a dating server however we do have places for people that do look for dating, although we mostly try to make friends. We do game nights and just chill

Club Paw background
Club Paw users-three 814 148 13 13

Hello! Welcome to Club Paw, a SFW server for anyone with a focus on being a safe space for those online who need a stable, friendly and accepting place to be.

Infinite Hope background
Infinite Hope users-three 21 16

You can come and chill or find a partner or friend :D

Cozy Cove background
Cozy Cove users-three 16 5

Cozy Cove is a Discord server that aims to provide a warm and welcoming community for its members! You can use it to make friends or just to chat.

Reforce background
Reforce users-three 12 9

teens only server 13-17 that's it. please don't join if you are over 17 because that's kind of the rule ya know?

United Schools background
United Schools users-three 2980 208 10 10

The indian student community for all of India, a fast growing server with 1.5k+ members! Join and invite all your schoolmates

St✩rberry Cafe background
St✩rberry Cafe users-three 15 15

Haii✨ welcome to Starberry cafe🍮 Starberry cafe is a LGBT safe,Sfw server also we have lots of fun games,channels and bots to intreact with + lots of fun emojis,stickers,and roles🎀 Please remember you have to be 12+ to join thank you💗

The Wolves Place background
The Wolves Place users-three 7 5

Hey I see you looking for servers. So come join our brand new sfw furry community.