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discord37wmk6cni.onion background
discord37wmk6cni.onion users-three 17 16


ZDISPLAY OFFICIEL users-three 24 3

Réseau Social Français crée pour réunir les gens sous différent sujet. Réseau social Web avec grande customisation permet de poster des Displays sous différentes catégories comme Anime, Gaming, Food etc ...

TechNode background
TechNode users-three 492 111 22 22

Connect with other programmers and tech enthusiasts! Share your knowledge, find answers to your question, and collaborate on projects.

GLeaks | gleaks.pro background
GLeaks | gleaks.pro users-three 509 152 22 22

GLeaks | Free & Plugins JOIN NOW GLEAKS.PRO 🪄 » Well-made designs ❓ » Helpful staff ✨ » Active community 🤝 » Partnership

Curiosity background
Curiosity users-three 769 53 3 3

Are you curious? We all are... And we should be, because it's a natural human trait to be curious We are a server that has channels for different subjects that you'll require Join us if you have a doubt or query or a subject and our members will solve it, Just post the question and relax Or just join us for funnn, you'll meet many awesome people that will give you great company

Coding Castle background
Coding Castle users-three 247 56

Our server is focused on creating a friendly and supportive environment for everyone who wants to improve their coding skills, ask for advice, or showcase their projects. So come join us and become a part of our growing community! Let's learn, code, and have fun together.

EducateHacks background
EducateHacks users-three 361 30

EducateHacks is a nonprofit, edTech-themed hackathon organized by Aaryan Chitnis, Amogh Ganjikunta, and Keevan Leech. Join our discord - a place for like minded individuals to collaborate on projects!

Together Java background
Together Java users-three 25738 2766 10 10

Need Java help? We got plenty! Lots of friendly volunteers to help you learn Java or chat about everyday things.

Shadow Studios background
Shadow Studios users-three 492 124 72 72

Shadow Studios is a supportive and inclusive coding community where both beginners and professionals can come together

Koders | Code & Tech background
Koders | Code & Tech users-three 638 65

Koders is a friendly community for all coders, tech lovers, designers, and everyone else! One of the most diverse role selections for your programming languages, work types, hobbies, and much more.

Tideo.io | Community Chat background
Tideo.io | Community Chat users-three 10 4 2 2

Tideo.io (https:/tideo.io) is a extremely versatile Text-To-Speech video content creation tool designed to generate videos in just 4 clicks. Generate content with 60+ voices and 40+ unique backgrounds in seconds.

Ethical Hacking background
Ethical Hacking users-three 467 43 3 3

Join our ethical hacking server and learn to defend against cyber threats. Discover new tools, techniques, and strategies to secure your digital footprint and protect your privacy

0nyx Studios background
0nyx Studios users-three 19 15

Onyx Studios: A community for game developers and enthusiasts. Join us to collaborate, learn, and make great games together!

Wild Devs background
Wild Devs users-three 176 35 4 4

GERMAN AND ENGLISH COMMUNITY! Discuss about programming techniques, languages and philosophy when developing software. Share your minds & code and show us your projects!

ChatGPT JailBreaks background
ChatGPT JailBreaks users-three 106 15

100+ Chat GPT Jailbreaks. Biggest collection of chat gpt prompts and jailbreaks. Easy and FREE

Ocean Coding Service background
Ocean Coding Service users-three 85 23

The best programmers are here to code your configs, checkers, discord bots and websites!

Coding Cove background
Coding Cove users-three 23 4 9 9

Join Coding Cove today a friendly community where advanced or junior developers come to learn and help others.

Mybou Support background
Mybou Support users-three 25 17

Serveur support du bot Mybou ! Le bot est en pleine évolution. Plein de commande de modération PERSONNALISÉ --> Rejoignez-nous

Lazy Coders background
Lazy Coders users-three 409 61

╭┈─────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- ╰┈➤ ❝ [|💻 Lazy Coders 💻|] ❞ Server purpose: This Server was created with the intention of collecting all sorts of programmers to participate in different projects for themselves and with others, meaning discussing new ideas finding their way together. ________________________________________________

SilesiaTech background
SilesiaTech users-three 1791 103

Everything you need is here :D // PL EN Server // Free and paid scripts, models

SS Development background
SS Development users-three 8 4

Code Development Can code most things Experience with: Automation Webscraping Webapp backends

Computer & Code background
Computer & Code users-three 9 5

Code, Machine Learning, AI, Mathematics, Pc Building, Hardware, and more for students and developers.

Schoolaro 1 background
Schoolaro 1 users-three 487 35

Schoolaro is a Discord server that grants users access to study materials from Chegg and more!

Cut n' Dev background
Cut n' Dev users-three 320 129

`[ Cut n' Dev ] ` *Hey ! Ce serveur est basé sur le développement de script en tous genre, tu pourras trouver des scripts FiveM et des Monteurs vidéos à des prix qui vendent leurs services à faible prix.

2cord.io background
2cord.io users-three 349 70 19 19

2Cord and a bot service allowing its purchaser to store the members of its server, thereafter to make them join other server by the function oAuth2 of discord. ➥ The free 2Cord subscription is now available

Ethical Computing Society background
Ethical Computing Society users-three 2576 179

Our Discord server provides a friendly place for discussions about coding, ethical hacking, Linux, cryptography, hardware, and more.


Én vagyok a szerver tulaja, akit érdekel egy kicsit is a minecraft szerver fejlesztés leakelés griefelés és stb. annak csak ajánlani tudom a szervert. A szerver támogatja a EN nyelveket is szóval aki engol annak se kell félni, hogy nem értené a szerveren történő dolgokat. Sok leak, map, client, software, tool stb. található a szerveren. Akinek megtetszett azt várjuk a szerveren

David’s Developer Safeplace background
David’s Developer Safeplace users-three 1328 171 14 14

David's Safeplace is a community of aspiring engineers to learn and grow. We offer a token service for free community coaching, access to weekly events such as kahoot trivia night and give you the opportunity to network with software engineers

The Winchester Way background
The Winchester Way users-three 458 55 10 10

A revival of the revival of the revival; whether you're a fan new or old, as long as you're here in respect and looking for sharp conversation, we have it. Community events, always.

Devs Home background
Devs Home users-three 243 32

Devs Home Home for all Developers all language and all fields