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Islands Collisions : A Roleplaying Server background
Islands Collisions : A Roleplaying Server users-three 187 76 4 4

A roleplaying server based around member's votes, freedom to choose and suggest and fun! [Any character allowed, nearly lore-free, and a very welcoming community!]

General Roleplay Server background
General Roleplay Server users-three 5 5

A more laid-back version of modern Roleplay Servers! We're still developing, but have Tuppers and a unique RP system (Don't worry, it isn't very complicated!)

TendajiLand background
TendajiLand users-three 65 17 2 2

Yo, this is the official TendajiLand server, with.. The land of tendaji! Come for fun, games, I guess roleplay, and loose rules!

um background
um users-three 119 27

A roleplay server with no stories, allowing all kinds of characters, canon, OCs and NSFW/SFW (More info in details)

Mid 2000s OC Roleplay server! We offer bots, hangout chats, and vcs! We're not very strict on rules and have a nice mod team, and we'd love for you to join our server, and if you don't like the vibe or something feel free to leave, but don't be scared to join!

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