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AEGIS is an indie Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG (roleplaying game) which you can download and play in the Alpha now! We are a small, friendly community who love playing games together, and are all brought together through AEGIS Kingdoms. We've also released a temporary offline mode, as well.


AEGIS Kingdoms is a TMORPG (Tiny Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). It's an online RPG with a small community vibe. It is free to play, with no pay to win aspects. In the future there will be cash-shop items that you can buy to support the game, but that is optional. It is important to note that this game also uses a mixture of predominant store assets as well as some original assets, and feels incredibly "indie". It is in alpha, and we are opening the servers and doing play tests at the moment with every update leading up to our first big DECEMBER in-game event. The bottom line is that this game is still very WIP, as and such things are changing a lot as we continue to build the game. The first alpha build of the game is tailored to our first in-game event, and then we will be releasing subsequent updates to expand. Please join our lil Discord if you'd like to know more about when each play test is, as we'll be announcing that over Discord. We also host impromptu tests, too. For absolute clarity: the servers are NOT open all the time. []



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