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Cel Shaded Games background
Cel Shaded Games users-three 1495 220

☕﹕We are an upcoming company dedicated to creating the greatest anime-themed board, card, and party games!

Gladiator background
Gladiator users-three 124 31 2 2

Gladiator is a multiplayer souls-like in development which aims to make boss fighting a competitive objective. 👹 🎮 Players will choose their gladiator, equip them with gear, spawn into the map in teams or solos, and seek out the boss for an epic fight! ⚔️ 🏹 🪓 Once the boss is dead, they can take its trophy and get off the map for a win. Except...everyone else in the game has the same objective--so good luck surviving the gauntlet. 😈

AEGIS Game Studios background
AEGIS Game Studios users-three 121 26 8 8

AEGIS is an indie Tiny Multiplayer Online RPG (roleplaying game) which you can download and play in the Alpha now! We are a small, friendly community who love playing games together, and are all brought together through AEGIS Kingdoms. We've also released a temporary offline mode, as well.