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In this Server you can chat, game and hang out with people that have similar interests as you!


A Server for all the Anime and Gaming lovers. You can look for players in the gaming category and game with them. Or you could just chat about gaming and talk about new games and such. You can also watch or read Anime / Manga / Light Novels together. Or you could just chat about anime and talk about new anime adaptations or cool mangas that you started reading. This Server is supposed to be a social and fun place for everybody, once it gets more members. There is always room for improvement and if you see something that could be done better or should be added you can always create a ticket or write a suggestion. We love feedback and support from everybody. Our channels are currently dead and we hope to get more members so that more and more people start chatting again. You could help us by just joining the server and then just ignoring it for a while. It wouldn't harm you in any way and would help us a lot! We count on every new member.



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