Dadscord / Daddy | Social • Egirls • Anime • Chill • Emotes • Emojis • Gaming • Nitro • Fun

Dadscord / Daddy | Social • Egirls • Anime • Chill • Emotes • Emojis • Gaming • Nitro • Fun Basic

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This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill, and make new friends. Hang out in VCs, play games, participate in fun events and enjoy a server full of activity. If you enjoy discord, you'll enjoy this server. This discord server is the entire experience all in one.


🔎 Looking For Active Voice Chats? We average 300+ users in vc at any time of the day. (The most active vc’s in discord!) 😭 Lonely? Meet new friends with similar interests and with the help of our unique active member base, you're BOUND to make friends and never be lonely again! 🌟 Got Talent? You're invited in our weekly talent show, where you can win nitro and bragging rights! (biggest live talent show in discord for over 3 years) 🛡️ Tired Of Power Abusing Staff? We have active mods and staff willing to help with every situation, no matter the cause. 😞 Are You Bored? We have custom tailored bot commands for economy, ranks, leveling, and gold where you can battle to be the richest. 🎮 Looking For Gamers? We have dedicated gaming channels for all popular titles like Minecraft, Among Us, Valorant, COD, League, Genshin Impact, Valheim. 📈 Want Clout? Grow your social media in exclusive verified channels by plugging your Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat and Twitter. 😎 Have An Ego? Make a server group with your friends and rise to the top and unlock special group abilities. 🍜 Love Anime? We have dedicated channels where you can watch anime and movies together and discover new friends and interests.



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