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# Fortnite: Save the World Daily Rewards Discord Bot This is a Discord bot that will collect your daily rewards and research points. ## How to use the bot ### @STW Daily {command} method To interact with STW Daily, start your message by mentioning the bot (STW Daily), followed by the command you wish to use. For example, to authenticate and claim a daily reward, you will now run `@STW Daily d {code}`, instead of `stw d {code}`. Please note the space between the mention and the command. You can learn more about all the new features and interactions STW Daily can provide by using `@STW Daily help`. ### / Slash command method To get started with slash commands, start by typing `/`. You can learn more about slash commands [here]( How to get a code --- To get an auth code [visit this website]( and sign in with your Epic Games account. You will then be taken to an empty webpage, with your authcode being displayed at the top left. ```js {"redirectUrl":"","authorizationCode":"a51c1f4d35b1457c8e34a1f6026faa35","sid":null} ``` Copy only the authorisation code (you can double-click it in most browsers), and then add that to your command. ``@STW Daily d a51c1f4d35b1457c8e34a1f6026faa35`` The auth code will expire shortly after issued, and if used by STW Daily, will immediately expire. If you require a new code, you can simply [refresh the page]( to get a new code.


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