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Secret Society background
Secret Society users-three 2162 357 20 20

We are a server with an aesthetic that mixes between cute pink styles and the infamous mafia! Come join and meet new people from around the world, participate in events and contests, and play games with us!

🌸 Chill, Positive & Friendly Community 🎁 Nitro Giveaways 🎉 Fun Events & Karaoke Nights ✨Cute emojis 💬 24/7 Active Chat 🌸

Dreamers Den background
Dreamers Den users-three 67 21

Make Friends! Have Laughs! Fiddle With Bots! And Have Fun! Welcome To Dreamers Den!

A server dedicated to the best emotes you'll see and use on Discord. We're also a close-knit community of people!

A safe space for mental health and wellness/self-improvement ‎♡‧₊˚

Helping-Mushroom background
Helping-Mushroom users-three 81 22 9 9

We as a team help people struggling with mental health. Any sort of anxiety, depression, overthinking. Of course we may not be trained professionals but a small peice of advice or a insightful conversation can really help someone in need. lets make helping cool again ♥️

blue scorpion background
blue scorpion users-three 3 3

It's we server minecraft این سرور ماینکرافت ما است سرور هنوز کامل نیست کلی کار دارد

The best Pokétwo community — Events, Gambling, Shinyhunt Pings, Gyms, Rewards, Incenses and Giveaways!

🥀﹒Benevolent!RT1k background
🥀﹒Benevolent!RT1k users-three 1008 229 30 30

🌹︲gg/benevolent is a social red aesthetic themed server with more than 700 members, we have lots of emotes and we also do events & giveaways we are chill & laid back community across worldwide feel free to join and chat with us we're really nice.

Chiru Zone ✩ anime ✩ gaming ✩ social ✩chill ✩ background
Chiru Zone ✩ anime ✩ gaming ✩ social ✩chill ✩ users-three 133 31

Welcome to Chill Zone. Here you can chat, show art and game with other members, in terms of art, you can chat with other artists within the server, as well as explore, different techniques, medias, and take advice in gaming finding out leak

Venting Space background
Venting Space users-three 7032 970 24 24

Venting Space is a community-based support server made for venting and helping others. We have everything you could ask for in a venting server and much more. Everyone is welcome!

Australia ◆Social◆Gaming◆ background
Australia ◆Social◆Gaming◆ users-three 1944 355 14 14

The true OCE discord server to meet others in the OCE region and talk or game. With AusCentre having the largest community VC activity for the OCE region, heaps of events and constantly growing. Can't wait to see you there!

NEBULA PRODUCTIONS users-three 1486 205 23 23

🌌 Welcome to Nebula Productions! 🌌 Are you looking to join a server filled with creatives? You have come to the right place. Our focus is for creatives to help creatives. We are a music production-focused server but we welcome all kinds of artists! (Music, Drawing, Writers, etc.) Friendly vibes only. No NSFW.

Latte Night background
Latte Night users-three 738 112 11 11

Welcome to Latte Night! 🔹 Nitro giveaways for everyone! 🔸 A variety of different channels and bots 🔹 A chill and friendly community 🔸 Many events with special rewards 🔹 A place to make new friends! 🔗 discord.gg/boyz

Midnight background
Midnight users-three 51 32

Seeking a place to find gamers? Paradise is all about gaming, respecting, sharing, conversation, and more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community. we might be a small server but were always here to help, suggest, comfort and respect.

Exo’s Family background
Exo’s Family users-three 121 38

Hey! This is just a fun little server for friends alike. Come here to make some friends yourself, no one bites, everyone’s welcome! We aren’t the most active community but feel free to @ some people and someone will stop to chat if you need anything, and if not you can always leave.

gg/catclub background
gg/catclub users-three 3308 321 6 6

Inside of our server we have alot of fun things to do. Channels to share images of your cats and such. Along with this we have booster advantages for those who choose to.

Phantxm City Gamer Hideout background
Phantxm City Gamer Hideout users-three 56 21 1 1

Wanna find more gamers, make new friends, Or maybe you're tired of the B.S. Well say no more, here at Phantxm City Gamer Hideout you can chat with friends, listen to music and Stream your gamplay. Are you a twitch Streamer and want to get off to a good start? We can help with that too.

Heretic Hideout background
Heretic Hideout users-three 261 79 12 12

Quite place to chill out and discuss whatever is on your mind.

Arcade Club background
Arcade Club users-three 18 11

A friendly gaming community to meet new people and play games together.

Urban City is A Warm Community Server With Events And Giveaways Daily !!! We also gift Nitro To Out Active Officials .

F.O.C.U.S. background
F.O.C.U.S. users-three 17 10

Community server aiming to help you in your daily life and in your goals...

Elysium - 102081 background
Elysium - 102081 users-three 116 38 2 2

Elysium is a roleplaying group hosted on the platform Epsilon (a private World of Warcraft RP server: https://epsilonwow.net) Elysium is set to be a mysterious, lost land that splintered off Kalimdor during the Sundering. Elysium follows the same timeline as World of Warcraft, but with certain expansion retcons that help make roleplay less confusing lore-wise and more consistent with the original Warcraft universe.

✨𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓪𝓵 𝓷𝓪𝓶𝓮✨ background
✨𝓸𝓻𝓲𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓪𝓵 𝓷𝓪𝓶𝓮✨ users-three 281 75 4 4

✨We're a new server that's growing everyday. We don't have a specific theme, but we have channels that'll fit everyone. We have multiple weekly events, rank up roles, and daily content to keep the server active!✨

NO NAME background
NO NAME users-three 17 10 2 2

join us we are a small community that would love to have you @we have a level system @basic rules @basic roles @music @events @giveaways

Titans Network | MCBE background
Titans Network | MCBE users-three 18 11

A Minecraft Bedrock Tournament & Event Based Server!

Thinking Outloud background
Thinking Outloud users-three 279 64 1 1

😎 Chill 🌎 Social & Friendly 💬 Active - Make New Friends! 🎲 Fun Bots 😂 Memes 🎮 Gaming 🥳 Events | Join today for ultimate fun!

Let's Count background
Let's Count users-three 265 85 1 1

Do you love numbers, numbers, and... Uhm... numbers? 😅 Then what are you waiting for? Join us! We have some cool counting channels in our server.

✔  Land of Kryptos background
✔  Land of Kryptos users-three 307 70 1 1

This is an active server that can help you to get friends This is a perfect space to socialize, hang out with others, and meet new people! https://discord.gg/GRqEKzmwc3

Redtire CS:GO background
Redtire CS:GO users-three 25 6

-- -- -- **REDTIRE CS:GO** -- -- -- Join now and help us grow this community! Invite your friends and have fun! __Redtire__ > Giveaways > Events > Tournaments > Play with other