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The fandoms collide is a server where anyone from different fandoms can connect to others and talk about the things they love! All though it is fandom-focused, you don’t need to be part of them to join! There are general chats and vc as well as lgbtq+ and neurodivergent specific ones! fandom chats include: •She-ra •The owl house •amphibia •heartstopper •animal crossing •stardew valley •legend of Zelda •stranger things •Steven universe •Hamilton •grav


The Fandoms Collide A server where people from many different fandoms can connect and talk about things they enjoy. About the server! •many fandoms channels to talk about those topics (including the owl house, she-ra, amphibia, stranger things, stardew valley, legend of Zelda, and many more!) •friendly for minors above 13 •active admin and mods •lgbtqiap+ friendly •neurodivergent friendly •small, welcoming community •general chats, and vc •Feel free to request another fandom chat! •You don’t need to be part of the fandoms to join! •We have many community options for non-fandom members •we have many fandom-specific emojis! We hope we see you here soon in The Fandoms Collide!



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