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Fandom Everything background
Fandom Everything users-three 516 79 5 5

A server with a little bit of something for everyone.

Sparkie’s Club Official background
Sparkie’s Club Official users-three 256 78 3 3

People can chat here about anything they like. This is a good place to make new friends and get to know new people, and to share their creativity here! Please be kind and respectful to others!

⪩ 🦋  .Sunvy core﹒💠 ➜﹒ background
⪩ 🦋  .Sunvy core﹒💠 ➜﹒ users-three 198 59 2 2


/rewind ݁ ˖ 🐇 dj2l background
/rewind ݁ ˖ 🐇 dj2l users-three 171 47 2 2

a simple server where you can share your interests, make friends, and bond over the same likings!

Pringal can place background
Pringal can place users-three 111 39 1 1

Welcome to our cozy anime community! Immerse yourself in a world where vivid characters come to life through captivating stories. Engage in spirited discussions, share your favorite moments, and discover hidden gems. From thrilling adventures to heartwarming tales, our community embraces all genres. Unleash your inner otaku and connect with fellow enthusiasts as we celebrate the art and magic of anime. Join us and let your passion soar in this haven of animated wonders.

The Chica N Freinds Server! background
The Chica N Freinds Server! users-three 36 17 1 1

Like talking about random fandoms n crap? Roleplaying and talking about funny stuff in general? or maybe just wanna come and hangout and talk about uh idk memes or smth- WELL COME ON DOWN TO CHICA N FRIENDS SERVER!

▹THE PIT◃ background
▹THE PIT◃ users-three 59 16

Welcome to The Pit! A server to post art, OCs and world building projects.

Helluva Hazbin background
Helluva Hazbin users-three 439 76

A server for all things Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss created by Vivziepop.

The Fandoms Collide background
The Fandoms Collide users-three 25 8

The fandoms collide is a server where anyone from different fandoms can connect to others and talk about the things they love! All though it is fandom-focused, you don’t need to be part of them to join! There are general chats and vc as well as lgbtq+ and neurodivergent specific ones! fandom chats include: •She-ra •The owl house •amphibia •heartstopper •animal crossing •stardew valley •legend of Zelda •stranger things •Steven universe •Hamilton •grav

Ao3 Fanfic recs and follows background
Ao3 Fanfic recs and follows users-three 3 1

A discord server for Ao3 users who are looking for friends on the platform and to boost your account. Looking for people who'd like to recommend fics, share fics and get subscribers

The Karma Army background
The Karma Army users-three 16 12

This server is to bring together people with the same interests and hobbies! Its to make friends and to enjoy life and company!