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Welcome too TTRPG Dreams! A discord server for everyone interested in DND, TTRPGS, Pathfinder, or if you just want to chill and play games or watch tv we have that aswell. Along with our servers own campaign, The Soul Cries, a highfantasy session for all types of roleplayers! With events sorting from Gaming, Campaigns, and One shots, its a server for all kinds. (Age Restriction: 16+) So come and join us on TTRPG Dreams!


Welcome this is TTRPG DREAMS, why did we use this name? Well this is where dreams of different fantasy, comedic, scifi, and other lands come and forget together with one another. Here you will be able to join campaigns and also run them, why being able to enjoy all types of campaigns hosted by friendly faces throughout our community. Along with out own running campaign, called The Soul Cries. This is a high fantasy roleplay that takes place in the dark times before now, when magic and sword rules the world, using a TTRPG System, this campaign is for the entire server and accepts new dms to help all the time. Soulcries are the heroes gifted power into there soul from the gods, giving them power to face the adversities of this world, be it the hordes of beast attacking the home they sleep at, or a war starting within the kingdom they cherish and call friend. Not into dnd? Thats okay! Come join us for a good chat, some games, mobile, console or pc. Not into games? Well come put a show on and kick your feet up why we all talk, put some music on in the background. Here we do it all, and welcome everyone of all types! We have few rules, one of them being we accept no form of racism, sexism, or homophobia, making it a safe space for everyone! Aslong as you're above 16 that is! I hope to see you in ttrpg dreams.



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