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Grades For Pay background
Grades For Pay users-three 6374 1115

Welcome to Grades For Pay, the premier Discord community dedicated to providing academic support and excellence! Our team of dedicated Expert Tutors are here to assist students in Science, Engineering, Statistics, Biology, MATH and Law among others.

Ainerth Asunder: A Fantasy RP background
Ainerth Asunder: A Fantasy RP users-three 185 28

A fantasy RP that relates the story of a world torn asunder in every respect by war and political strife.

The Deepest Catacombs background
The Deepest Catacombs users-three 135 39

We are a small community looking to grow and foster a lively environment of aspiring writers and overall great people. Join us, and help to bring some liveliness into this undead place. These old bones down here would surely enjoy your company!

The Ruins of Ellypsium background
The Ruins of Ellypsium users-three 17 12 2 2

Two moons shine upon the land of Ellypsium, a place of dragons and mythical beasts nearly brought to complete destruction by an ancient god now lost to time. Will you forge your path here?

Essay Help Prof background
Essay Help Prof users-three 83 10

Welcome to EssayHelpProf, the safest homework server. ✔ Make yourself at home and have a look at how we can help you with your work. EssayHelpProf is your premium and 24/7 market place focused on helping you with your homework, assignments, tests, and essays without breaking your bank. 💎 🌈 On EssayHelpProf there are high ranked students, teachers and real professors that can help you with almost anything. Join EssayHelpProf now and ask for help by submitting a ticket! ⭐️

Prof A. E. background
Prof A. E. users-three 63 10

This is a Premium discord community server of paid trusted tutors who are ready to help you with any school work that is due! Join us now and Pay other people to help you do your due: Homework, Assignments, Essays, Exams and Quizzes. Welcome all!

The Narrative Nexus background
The Narrative Nexus users-three 36 15 1 1

A place where creative people can chill, make friends, share work or ask for advice and feedback!

The Storytellers background
The Storytellers users-three 55 30 9 9

Why live one life, when you can write many! We're a literate, multi-paragraph role-play server. We focus on being a community for roleplayers to gather in, with space for them to bring all their stories to life. 20 years of writing and friendships between members and five years of experience of discord.

PhasingBlaze background
PhasingBlaze users-three 481 118 2 2

Enjoy a server with a fresh community, chill producers and talented unique artists. Pick up a few tips & tricks from this mellow community! Applications include: Fl Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton, Bandlab, Logic and more! Looking for Staff!

Charlu’s Creator Comittee background
Charlu’s Creator Comittee users-three 50 19

Small furry and non-furry hangout for artists, gamers, writers, or anything else who loves to occasionally discuss games, memes, and chill quietly. Not too chaotic for the most part, but if you’re easily overwhelmed by bustling activity then this place is for you! ⚠️THIS USER IF FOR 16+ USERS ONLY, as art or literature may contain mature and dark themes not suitable for young children! But the NSFW category will remain for 18+ users only.

Stained by Ink Archives background
Stained by Ink Archives users-three 294 71 6 6

We're an inclusive and community-based writing server, inviting both serious writers and aspiring artists to come together and unleash their creativity. At Stained by Ink, we understand the power of feedback in honing one's craft. That's why we offer a dedicated writing circle, where you'll find guaranteed and consistent weekly feedback on your work. Whether you're a seasoned wordsmith or just beginning your writing journey, our writing circle ensures you receiv

ASOIAF: Dreams of Eld background
ASOIAF: Dreams of Eld users-three 33 18 16 16

A roleplay server set in place of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire world. We are focused on collaborative writing and immersive storytelling!

The Blue Cartel background
The Blue Cartel users-three 2440 243 10 10

Veteran Copywriter Teaching FREE! Server is about Copywriting, Digital Marketing/Advertising, Self Improvement, and Growth!

The Vivarium background
The Vivarium users-three 27 14 3 3

An eldritch being has created a pocket dimension, collecting intelligent life from all across time, space, and the multiverse into a pocket dimension for its own entertainment. An RP server with scifi and apocalyptic vibes!

The Ark background
The Ark users-three 117 31

Community who hosts Minecraft and SCP:SL servers with an active and engaging community. We also have channels for things besides gaming such as giveaways, discord events, writing, and etc. Looking for active members and staff to help us grow!


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What are writing discord servers?

Discord writing servers are a type of server in the discord platform. If writing interests you join a server listed here today!