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The Roleplayer's Directory background
The Roleplayer's Directory users-three 153 45

The Roleplayer's Directory is here to help connect roleplayers and those passionate about roleplay. Be that for 1v1 or group roleplay. Play-by-post or Table top style roleplays. Those who provide supporting content for roleplays. We are here to co

The Chaos Cauldron background
The Chaos Cauldron users-three 93 26

BOO! Introducing The Chaos Cauldron! A Community discord server made with love for you to meet people & share your hobbies! We'll also be holding Art Raffle, so join before you miss out!

TableTop Junction background
TableTop Junction users-three 229 56 5 5

Experience Tabletop Junction, the ultimate role-playing server. Engage in epic battles, merge characters, create your haven, and join a vibrant community.

dnd universe background
dnd universe users-three 66 22 2 2

🎲 Experience RP chats with pop-up combat and a diverse world. Join campaigns and one-shots in our growing community of adventurers. Join us for epic quests and unforgettable stories! 🔮SFW✨

Neustadt background
Neustadt users-three 13 8 2 2

Westmarch Discord: Epic D&D in Neustadt! High-powered play in a starless cosmos. Rapid character ascension, epic & gestalt systems, custom rebirths, rich lore, and a welcoming community. Leave your mark on Neustadt's cosmic tapestry! Join our legend.

On Da Block background
On Da Block users-three 62 28 1 1

WE ARE ON DA BLOCK ----------------------------------------------- YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OLD OR OVER TO PARTICIPATE IN NSFW CHATS

AirDnD Group background
AirDnD Group users-three 178 49 3 3

About us! AirDnD is a new community created two goals in mind. The first, to be a safe place for people to interact with the community and find games. The second being a one stop shop to having a place to run your game.

Dice of Destiny background
Dice of Destiny users-three 45 18

Welcome to the Dice of Destiny. We are a new friendly d&d hosting server. Whether you are new to the game or have many years of experience under your belt, we welcome you to come play some campaigns or even run your own! We do also allow hostings of other ttrpg games if you wish to run something that isnt dnd

Dragons Tavern background
Dragons Tavern users-three 56 18

so you want to play Dungeons and Dragons or even other Tabletop games well your in luck because we have a super welcoming community staff that will help you if you need i cant wait to see you in the server

Anime Campaign Group Finder background
Anime Campaign Group Finder users-three 544 202 9 9

Ever wanted to make a tabletop character who has a powerset based on Hamburgers, Deodorant or even SOUP? Or perhaps you want to play something that's set in the modern era instead of high fantasy or sci-fi? If so then swing on by and see all the chicanery we get up to on a daily basis! Also includes impromptu PvP skirmishing!

The God's Court background
The God's Court users-three 17 7 2 2

Inspired by modern practice and history of paganism and the popular divination of Tarot, The Gods Court is a DND-based roleplay group that follows the societal struggles of four colonies.

TTRPG Dreams background
TTRPG Dreams users-three 71 18

Welcome too TTRPG Dreams! A discord server for everyone interested in DND, TTRPGS, Pathfinder, or if you just want to chill and play games or watch tv we have that aswell. Along with our servers own campaign, The Soul Cries, a highfantasy session for all types of roleplayers! With events sorting from Gaming, Campaigns, and One shots, its a server for all kinds. (Age Restriction: 16+) So come and join us on TTRPG Dreams!

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