The Walking Dead: Out of the Ashes

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A TWD RP promising an immersive experience! We warmly welcome both Canon and OCs! Join us for a fun RP experience!


We are a TWD Role-Play opening up about a year after the Outbreak. Our story is unique and we hope to make it engaging and enjoyable for a long time to come! We have our own map which members can have their own factions added to! We also have a wide roster of available Canons to choose from. Current Event: After weeks of culling the undead, Shane’s group is finally able to break into Fort Benning! What we offer: ⤷ Our own map! ⤷ Lots of channels! ⤷ Mobile friendly Templates! ⤷ A server of other TWD fans, ready to meet and RP with you! ⤷ Unique story that accomodates OCs and Canon Characters! ⤷ A chance to make your own story and faction, or join an existing one! Currently Open Canons: ⤷ Maggie ⤷ Lori ⤷ T-Dog ⤷ Merle ⤷ Michonne ⤷ Shane ⤷ Hershel ⤷ Many Saviors! ... And several others, including many open positions in: Terminus, Oceanside, Alexandria, Hilltop, Kingdom... Hurry and claim them while they're open!



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