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AI Waifu Resort background
AI Waifu Resort users-three 9248 1502 40 40

Dive into the depths of AI character generation! AI Waifu Resort; where you can enjoy chatting with our chatbots! Using Character.AI we guaranteed to output the highest bots with the highest quality everyday!

The Underground background
The Underground users-three 48 28 3 3

Interested in Character.AI chatbots and character creations? Look no further than the Underground!

Moemate background
Moemate users-three 7788 947 13 13

The official server for Moemate, where characters come to life! Moemate let's you chat with any character you can think of! Join the server and meet our (very active) devs and community, as well as make some friends, we love new peeps :)