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Under The Dome background
Under The Dome
Under The Dome
Flat Earth Truth Technology NASA

MISSION STATEMENT For truth seekers that identify as flat earthers. A server dedicated to the accurate dissemination and survival of critical information.

Safe Space🚀 background
Safe Space🚀
Safe Space🚀
SpaceX NASA Community Weed Elonmusk

We've always looked at the stars. They guide us, give us comfort, help us find our way. We see ourselves out there. When we look up, it inspires us. Come with us, and explore! = Hello do you like SpaceX, NASA, Mars, Tesla, and Space? You do, Welcome to one of the most non-toxic & family-friendly servers on Discord. Where you can meet chill people make new friends, & learn about space.

Space Nerds background
Space Nerds
Space Nerds
Space SpaceX Rocket NASA Rocket Lab

Welcome to Space Nerds, the best space / technology community on discord!