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Josh Universe ✧ AC background
Josh Universe ✧ AC users-three 890 51 16 16

Welcome to the Universe Discord server - for all things Josh Universe! Communicate with others with like-minded interests: astronomy, astronaut training, NASA, etc.

Lonely Universe background
Lonely Universe users-three 16 9

The space fanclub was a bustling hub of excitement and wonder, filled with eager members who shared a deep passion for the mysteries of the cosmos. The walls were adorned with posters of distant planets, stars, and galaxies, and the air was buzzing with animated discussions about the latest scientific discoveries and space exploration missions. The club was a place where science fiction and science fact blended seamlessly, and where imagination and curiosity were encouraged to soar bey

Spacerox background
Spacerox users-three 146 25

An international community dedicated to the mission of decentralizing access to the vast resources found in space. JOIN us as we build the foundation of the #openspace economy and mine asteroids for rare earth materials in space; leveraging web3 technology to ensure equitable profits for all involved.

Space Nerds background
Space Nerds users-three 2676 269 1 1

Welcome to Space Nerds, the best space / technology community on discord!

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