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Australia's premier discord server, with quality members and quality chat. AusChat is an exclusive server featuring discussions both serious and light-hearted, about all things Australian, and everything beyond. Eccentric or creative people are very much encouraged to join.


Featuring: 〖🐱〗Over 2,000 amazing members. 〖😼〗Very active, 24/7, the perfect place to hang out. 〖😹〗#general averages 2,000+ posts a day. Other channels on fire too. 〖🙀〗Discussions on philosophy, literature, film, music, health, memes, computing, etc. 〖😻〗Photos and selfies channel. 〖😻〗Voice, music, and game streaming channels. 〖😻〗Economy to earn money per post to buy roles, colours, and pizza. 〖😽〗Roles for each state, to show your state pride. 〖🐈〗Elegant layout, just enough channels and bots, but not too many. 〖🐯〗DankMemer bot, among the many other fun and utility bots available. 〖🦁〗Australian based, but with many friends in NZ, US, UK, and Canada. See you there!



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