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Began with the IMVU community but expanding beyond to other communities & gaming platforms! We aim towards positive & open socialization. Voice call based server! Age 18+ recommended. 😎 ・Very Active Chat & Voice Calls 🔥 ・Active Growing Community 🎨 ・Leveling Roles, Self Roles, Self Colors 🎉 ・Gaming, Events, Bots, NSFW


We hope you enjoy the server and your stay with us at “Devastated”! ↳ Age 18+ is recommended for this server ↳ Our server is a very open and accepting, friendly environment that began with the IMVU community but we’re expanding beyond; reaching out to other communities and gaming platforms. ↳ The server is not dedicated to any particular activity, we all love to play games, socialize, and hang out. ↳ Anyone who’s interested in finding a community to meet new friends is welcome. » We’re mainly always active and enjoy chilling in the Voice Channels. More about our Server : We aim towards positive, open, socialization and communication. ↳ Our server offers a variety of channels with the assistance of an array of bots as well as mods. » There’s voice channels, music, different roles as you level, an NSFW channel and much more. COME CHECK IT OUT



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