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Dandelion Meadow | Social & Chill | Giveaways | Partnerships | Art | New Server | A Unique Community | LGBTQ+ | Comfy, and Care | Anime & Manga/hwa/hua's | Animal Lover | Update & Awareness | Vtuber Fans Community | Exciting Events


『 . •ㅤYou've got an invitation to Dandelion Meadow!ㅤ• . 』 we offer~~ 🌸﹒Monthly Events and Giveaways!! ﹒🍀Exciting and Fun Bots!! 🥀﹒Interesting Boost Perks!! ﹒🌿Partnerships!! 🌷﹒And a lot more!! Dandelion Meadow has a unique community itself!! We Support all kinds of things!! Like Vtubers, any kind of appropriate games, Online/website games (pony town, garticphone, etc), manhwa/hua, Wattpad stories, and more things. You can also volunteer yourself as the update of the chosen community you want or like!! Or tell us what you like the most and we will be joyfully accepted it of course with the owner's permission! But I hope you come and see the community that we work hard to build and create! (But the server itself is still being fixed and be revamped again soon) Are you interested or curious now? Come and see the server for you to see how interesting it is!!



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