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A group of NFT and Gator-loving individuals looking to extend their footprint in the Metaverse. With only 6,969 and over 200+ traits and items, who knows what type of Gator you're going to be?


🐊 GWEI GATORS🐊 Be on the lookout for Gwei Gators dropping soon. Gwei Gators will be soon be available for minting, with a total of 6,969 Gwei Gators emerging from the swamp. Each Gwei Gator is generated algorithmically with over 200+ unique items with varying rarities. No two Gwei Gators are alike! A 1:1 of a random Gwei Gator painting will be exhibited and auctioned (alongside other digital Gators and Friends) during the world-famous Art Basel at MIArt Space Gallery in Wynwood, Miami's Art District. Join GG or say GG's when you miss out on incoming NFT project collaborations and planned features like merch and eventually turning your own Gwei Gator into a gif! Keep updated on Discord, with giveaways, announcements and exclusive content for our Gwei Group leading up to the drop.



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