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Grades For Pay background
Grades For Pay users-three 12584 1115

Welcome to Grades For Pay, the premier Discord community dedicated to providing academic support and excellence! Our team of dedicated Expert Tutors are here to assist students in Science, Engineering, Statistics, Biology, MATH and Law among others.

TheVulkanAcademy background
TheVulkanAcademy users-three 27 5

This is a new discord server that I am starting with the intent of providing the best educational sources for those starting Physics and Math and tutor on the side as well. Our services though new will have video lectures, problem worksheet, and ranks as you progress like Khanacademy but better and hopefully you will benefit from this

The Great Unification background
The Great Unification users-three 1383 120

We are a community of Artists, musicians, scientists, mathematicians, and we have interests for every single person. We wish to create a community where people coming from different worlds can interact with each other and have fun.

llysis (unofficial) background
llysis (unofficial) users-three 28 5

⭐Join the Official Discord Community server of llysis 🌠🌸 πŸ”₯ Enjoy engaging discussions about the future of technology and anime with fellow weebs! πŸ€πŸ’¬πŸ’»πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ discord.gg/cbuQvypNnN

Science and Technology background
Science and Technology users-three 40474 3944 8 8

What originally started off as a small private community for sharing scientific discussion grew well into a society with over 40,000+ members and more growing every days. Our members range from high schoolers, college students, postgraduates, as well as people from different background!

Homework Solutions | Science background
Homework Solutions | Science users-three 3507 105

Get affordable science homework help from Homework Solutions | Science. Our tutors specialize in physics, biology, and chemistry, up to college-level classes. We provide high-quality solutions to meet your academic needs. Contact us today to get star