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.sathanus. .sathanus. Partner Managers
Blane Newman

Hello my name is Blane Newman and i would like to hello and assest you in your server i own a server of my own and i would like to be able to make money for my server

.bluelizard .bluelizard Partner Managers
looking for a job in partnership manager

hello im looking for a job in pm and ill happily work for you if you want certain requirements and ill meet them and do a lot more to help your server grow

Star_Boy Star_Boy Partner Managers

Hi, I'm Star_Boy. And I love to do partnerships and I know how to do partnerships with any server. I am sure I can help u a lot

lethalduck lethalduck Partner Managers
LethalDucks Partner manager Resume

Hello, I go by LethalDuck or Lethal and I am a professional discord partner manager! I am looking to make a little bit of money on the side since I cant get a job right now(15)

futo futo Partner Managers
Discord Moderator/Admin

Experienced Discord admin skilled in community engagement, promotion, bot management, channel setup, commands, and event organization. Contact me "Futo" on discord


What is a discord job list?

A discord job list provides you with a vast variety of users that are looking to become staff in a discord server.

What are discord jobs?

Every server needs a team to run, manage, and create a server. Experienced users can help you with these needs. Find a person looking to help for money or for free here.

How do i search for discord jobs

You can search for discord jobs by using the search function, or by clicking a category where you want to find a recruit.