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Cats Cats Moderators
Discord moderator

I am 16 years old still in highschool. I am online at 3 to 10 during weekdays and during weekends for about 12 hours. I am active regularly on discord and have been using it for a many years.my username is Penguins#1603

GlairOFF GlairOFF Moderators
im moderator/admin

im 16 years old and i wanna try something new for me like moderating servers in discord!!!

Justin Benson Justin Benson Moderators
Justin Benson

My name is Justin Benson I'm from San Diego, California, United States, and I'm 25 years old.

hehehe hehehe Moderators
Nft Moderator

I have been in NFT community since January 2020 and I have all the knowledge and skills required to maintain or manage the servers of NFT projects or NFT community.

Fra_030 Fra_030 Moderators
looking for a cheap (paid) work on a server

Hello my name is Fra_030, im a mod/Admin ive been working with discord for around 4 years. I have worked in gaming discords, and community discords! Contact: Fra_030#5215

Lemongrab Lemongrab Moderators
📌Experienced loyal staff member

I am a 26 year old dad that has been in the military for nearly 8 years. I have discipline loyalty and respect for others.

Lil-Kitty Lil-Kitty Moderators
moderator/Helper/24/7 Active/

5k-10k member Moderator since 5 mouth ago i'm aways Active on discord.

kimi= kimi= Moderators

I have a bunch of experience with handling behavior

Terribia Terribia Moderators
(PAID | 2yrs+ Exp) Senior/Technical Mod/Admin/Server Builder

I'm a digital artist, Discord user since 2016, and a seasoned moderator & server admin. Currently handling multiple servers with great results. Availability based on pay

VilluminaTheGod VilluminaTheGod Moderators

Basic Information: gender: Male Name: Damien Age: 15

Rogue Rogue Moderators
Moderator & Admin

I am a discord moderator and admin for hire. I am experienced in managing communities and servers. My services are affordable and excellent.

KRockit™ KRockit™ Moderators
Discord Moderator of Many Trades

A high integrity, detail-oriented USAF veteran & avid gamer; A dependable & collaborative team player with a scope for various forms of writing, research, analytics, content creation, marketing & community management.

CallmeEthan CallmeEthan Moderators
Discord Moderator

Hello there, I'm Ethan and I have worked as a moderator/head mod for multiple projects in the past few years and I'm proud to say I have also been able to help sell out some NFT projects.

BootlegNarrator BootlegNarrator Moderators

Well howdy! I am a moderator with at least 1 year of experience and is looking for a new employer to help em moderate there server to the best of my capabilities!

FakeSaber FakeSaber Moderators
Looking to get a job for Moderating a NFT Discord Server

I am a young NFT enthusiast, I've been into crypto for I believe a year or two and NFTs for about 6-7 months and I am really used to answering questions about NFTs, Whitelist and Mint Details.

Chiquinho Chiquinho Moderators
Loking for a paid moderator job

Hi, this is Chico. I'm looking for someone to give me the opportunity to learn and start working as a moderator

Dorkus Dorkus Moderators
24/7 Discord Moderator

Just a guy. A guy who you can trust in to moderate your server, and keep it active almost 24/7.

AvatarKage AvatarKage Moderators
AvatarKage || Professional PAID Moderator

I'm a professional moderator and administrator with experience in over 30 servers. Additionally I'm a graphic designer and social media manager.

SirLuke SirLuke Moderators
Discord Moderator

Hello! My name is Luke, 16 years of age and I live in the United Kingdom.

JuneKK JuneKK Moderators
30M Looking to provide the best user experiences..

Hi I'm June 30M Asian looking to work as a Discord Moderator. I'm new to Discord management But I have a lot of knowledge when it comes to internet marketing. I struggle with speech disorder. But I'm always dedicated i

Terribia Terribia Moderators
(PAID, 2yrs+ Exp) Senior/Technical Moderator/Admin/Builder for NFT servers

I'm a digital artist, Discord user since 2016, and a seasoned moderator. Currently on various NFT collections, dapps, marketplaces, & startups as a Technical & Head Moderator. [Contact anytime! SOL ONLY]

joshie woshie joshie woshie Moderators

Very interested in moderation, has a lot of experience in servers with 1,000+ members and has a total of 5+ years of experience in moderation.

Lucifer 😈 Lucifer 😈 Moderators
Discord Moderator

I am a Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, with up-to-date knowledge of global blockchain and crypto activities; have actively managed, moderated and promoted so many crypto and nft projects to the worldwide crypto

hide.your.daddy hide.your.daddy Moderators
Experienced Mod

Im highly experienced in both Customer Service and Discord - but dont let my background intimidate - I'm a laid back gamer and team player thats easy to get along with!

The_Gordon_Kill The_Gordon_Kill Moderators
An active and polite moderator looking for a position

A fun and active Moderator! I am well experienced with discord as well as their terms and services.

yasaman Alavipour yasaman Alavipour Moderators
Discord Moderation

i will be able to bring so much energy and brightness into your server i have a very good skill in managing the problems and hectic moments

ian Ξ ian Ξ Moderators
Looking for a community mod position *paid* 4pm to 10pm

Hello i've been involving myself in web3 and nft's for a while now and am on discord and twitter from 4pm to 10pm on most days and i am looking to turn it into a job don't require much pay about 1k a month is plenty.

Shrop Shrop Moderators
Experienced Discord Mod (Crypto/Anime/Gaming)

Experienced mod for large crypto discords. Friendly, attentive, and always on discord.

BladeMaster BladeMaster Moderators
Troy Huff

Hi, I'm 16 turning 17 in a few months. I'm good with communications, server building, and moderating. I will keep your community within the guidelines, I am friendly, respectful, and easy to communicate with.

Jay bee Jay bee Moderators

I'm 19 years old, I have upto a year experience in community moderating both for nft/crypto project or game project.

Yok0 Yok0 Moderators

On my pc whole life, love chatting and answering questions. In crypto a little bit over 2 years and have moderating experience one medium to big. ( around 20k people)

mags mags Moderators
*paid* Experienced Mod/Admin. Very Active And Friendly. Trained

I Have Alot Of Experience As A Staff. - Know Basic server rules/Punishments. - Active, 8 hours a day. - Hardworking And Responsible - Able to deal with the problems we can face and also contribute to better additions.

mk mk Moderators
Mike Olayiwola

Hi, I am Mike Olayiwola! I am a strategic moderator and administrator for crypto and NFT projects. See more about me below...

Kellytrip Kellytrip Moderators
Discord Mod

Hello there am Kelly, i am a talented, ambitious and hardworking individual, with broad skills and experience in digital and printed marketing, social media and leading projects.

Rilzzy Rilzzy Moderators
Looking to work for a discord server, mature and cheap (EU)

Hello my name is Rilzzy, im a mod/Admin ive been working with discord for around 4 years. I have worked in gaming discords, crypto(nft) discords, youtubers discords and more! Contact: Rilzzy#6532

tombowl tombowl Moderators

I'm a seasoned DeFi enthusiast with five years of experience in the space. I'm currently a moderator for Snail Trail, an NFT game on the Avalanche Blockchain. I'm frequently available and on Discord very often.

Calvinharrista Calvinharrista Moderators
Calvin Harrista

Hi, you can call me Calvin. Moderator. Working hour: Atleast 7 hours Timezone: UTC +1

yes 🇺🇦 yes 🇺🇦 Moderators
yes 🇺🇦#6054

I want to help your server and do whatever you tell me to do so hire me if needed and my services are free! 😊

lilXzav lilXzav Moderators
Discord community mod

I am an 18 year old from India, I’ve been in the crypto & nft space for over a year now and I’ve done multiple online courses on nfts and crypto

Totentaz Totentaz Moderators
Moderator/community admin

Moderator Admin Crypto Trader NFT Trader Worked on the backend of a project

Art Attack Art Attack Moderators
Keen Crypto/NFT enthusiast

Hey there, i have a keen interest in crypto and NFTs and am an active member of several Discords. I enjoy helping others and have good writing/communication skills. Looking to start right away.

TheCarBun TheCarBun Moderators
I can help you build your server

Hi I'm Bun. I'm 20 years old, male and I love building servers. Hire me to get yourself your dream server.

Aldine CM Aldine CM Moderators
Content Moderator

I am very punctual, dedicated and, hard-working! I am also a team player and is very adaptable to ever changing workflows.

Ashleydmm Ashleydmm Moderators
Looking for Moderator position.

I have a lot of tech experience, I am good with bots and server settings if required. I am a nice, understanding person, I am available most times of the day and always try my best to assist people. I have very good Eng.

Rags Rags Moderators

Im a 20 something dude that can moderate a server for you on a regular basis.

JevinTheTiger JevinTheTiger Moderators
I will be your Discord Moderator

Hello! I'm JevinTheTiger but feel free to call me Jevin. I'm a 16 year old male who lives in Europe. I'm quite new to Discord Management. Aside from that i am a dedicated fellow with a lot of spare time on my hands.

Qertyn Qertyn Moderators
Discord Moderator/helper

I'm Adam. I'm 18 years old and I've been using discord for over 6 years. I'm from Poland. I really enjoy good atmosphere in work environment.

Medo Medo Moderators
Looking to manage a discord server with my team

I have a team of experienced discord staff members (the Least being 2+ years and the most being 5+ years of experience)

moneimmostafa moneimmostafa Moderators

Hi, I am an engineer looking for a moderator role. I have studied electronics, programming and electricity.

Aaron_Slytherin Aaron_Slytherin Moderators
Aaron Plummer

I will keep your community within the appropriate guidelines! I am friendly, respectful, and easy to communicate with. I have acquired discipline, maturity, and the ability to de-escalate conflicts in a professional way.

Suhadolc Suhadolc Moderators

We are a group of 4 experienced moderators in NFT/CRYPTO/FOREX areas. If you need the BEST team to run your server, we are the ones. If you don't believe, test us.

PappaBronte PappaBronte Moderators
Discord Moderator

I have some experience in moderating. Was a mod in a 60+ people discord server which sadly fell apart because of the owners personal problems. : Friendly : No life meaning I can moderate a lot : Can take responsibility

SyGuy SyGuy Moderators
Discord moderator

Young moderator looking for their first real server, lots of experience with discord! Also getting advertising certifications.

$lanted $lanted Moderators
Discord Moderator

I am very active on discord so i will be able to easily keep track of what is going on in a community. I am also proficient in coding so i can help with server bots and making a server in general.

WOBI WOBI Moderators
Paid part time

Hi I'm a fifteen year old tryna save for school by doing what I can.

ʂɛ۷ɛཞųʂ ʂŋą℘ɛ ʂɛ۷ɛཞųʂ ʂŋą℘ɛ Moderators
im a discord mod looking for a job on a server with a good atmosphere

im a young guy with a lot of free time and i love to interact with others so i thought why not be a discord mod?

༺Phlͥψpͣoͫ༻ ༺Phlͥψpͣoͫ༻ Moderators
Looking for a moderator?

Ever since I started to use Discord, I loved to create servers and look over everything that's going on, making sure everything is doing great...

NaTe NaTe Moderators
Discord Moderator

I'm Nate, I am 21 and been a moderator since late 2020. I am ready to take part and help as much as I can with your community. Owned a lot of NFTs on solana and still holding, now I am moderat

Tondeus Tondeus Moderators
If you are looking for mod and server builder im here!

Hello, i can be moderator in your server and i am also server buidler

Bluesy Bluesy Moderators
Discord Moderator

I am a eighteen year old hard worker who is looking to get experience in the field of moderation, and the trust & safety of online communities. Looking specifically for more ticket based moderation.

Floop Floop Moderators
Looking for a moderator?

Hi. Im good at building/managing a server I am doing this because I want something to fill my time.

Rebbie Rebbie Moderators
Discord Moderator (No NFT Servers)

Hello, I'm Rebbie! I've got experience in discord moderation on different servers and even on a few Amino Communities.

alphamale alphamale Moderators
Community Moderator

I am Pradnyashil, serving notice period as a software engineer at Oneture, part-time as Community Operation Head at CryptoNaukri. I am looking for Community Moderator job role in NFT projects.

ION | screet ION | screet Moderators
Mencari pekerjaan sebagai moderator/admin discord

Hey There!👋 Hope You're Doing Well!❤ F.O.A -- Sorry If I'm being interrupting! I just want to ask -- is there any chance for Me to apply as a CM or MOD on Your Server?

Zaveran Zaveran Moderators
NFT Moderator

Hello, I’m Demitrius Young. I’ve been in the NFT space since Late January of 2022. I want to share my passion for helping people and to help build a better right knit community where it is like a second family.

Jrapalo Jrapalo Moderators
Moderador Hispano

Moderador de discord He estado construyendo y moderando comunidades de discord desde 2016. Tengo 19 años y soy muy eficiente con todas las formas de bots de discord, moderación y configuración del servido.

Frixy Normie Frixy Normie Moderators


Hello there im a *paird* discord mod for hire

hello my name is YEETSHWA and im looking for a place that i can moderate with pay i can do a lot of things as you will see down below

marf marf Moderators

Hey! Thanks for looking at my profile. I am experienced in the NFT side of discord moderation but I can be adaptable. I am friendly, chilled and easy to communicate with. I can also build servers for you in necessary.

owengiit owengiit Moderators
NFT Discord Moderator

Do you want as Discord Moderator for your NFT project? I'm available 15 hours daily to moderate your server. contact me on Discord: @owengiit#2554

Khazar Khazar Moderators
Well experienced discord moderator with knowledge in crypto, stocks, and NFTs! I am approachable, relaxed, and have a great portfolio of Web3 connections.

I am an experienced discord moderator with knowledge in crypto, stocks, and NFTs! I will keep your discord server running all hours of the day and night! I am a pleasant, laid-back person that is simple to speak with!

Samxy53 Samxy53 Moderators

Hi. Am Sammy. I am an experienced and seasonsed moderator/Admin for hire. I am very skilled, interactive and hardworking. I can manage your group/channel effective and boost the community vibes

Cryptosquadeth Cryptosquadeth Moderators
Professional NFT/Crypto Moderator Team and Other Services for your Server

We provide highly trained and professional moderators, chatters, admin, Collab manager, social media manager and much more services for your discord server at an affordable price. DM Cryptosquadeth#7763 on discord.

Sufistyler Sufistyler Moderators
Discord Moderator

i'm a discord server moderator looking for work. I will spend a portion of my day making sure your server is a safe and healthy environment for all of it's members. What ever you need me to do, i can get done.

Shifty Shifty Moderators
Looking to work for a discord server as a moderator

Hello, My name is Ilia, I'm a experienced moderator. I created my discord account 2017,since then I work in different discord servers as a moderator/admin. I have worked in different type of servers and languages.

EMCrypto EMCrypto Moderators
Discord Community moderator

My name is Emmanuel, I’m from Nigeria, 22 years old. I have been in the crypto space for over 3 years now.

Meta Meta Moderators
Discord Mod / Discord Server Builder

I can manage and build your server from the ground up. No matter how big and how small I'm here to help in any way shape or form.

kclive kclive Moderators
I will moderate your server

Hi, my name is Daniel and I would love to moderate your server. I have my own server that I created almost 5 months ago, and I grew it to 70 members. I have stopped raids and I know the best bots for your server

jackson03 jackson03 Moderators
NFT server moderator

I am a young crypto and nft enthusiast, i have been in crypto for past 6 years and in nft since 2 years. I have lot of experience handling questions relating to NFT.

RedNinja42 RedNinja42 Moderators
Looking to be YOUR mod!

15 year old gamer looking to work as a mod for your server

edensworld edensworld Moderators
Discord Moderator

i've been modding in servers since january this year

owengiit owengiit Moderators
Discord Moderator

I am available to moderate your Discord server atleast 15 hours a day for you or your start up for $100 a week. contact me on Discord: owengiit#2554

Looking for a paid discord moderator check me out

I am an eighteen-year-old hard worker who loves the idea of being a part of a community. The idea of being a part of something bigger than myself has been a passion since I was little.

𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓮𝔂 𝓗𝓸𝓷𝓮𝔂 Moderators
Experienced server builder

I’m a fishkeeper with a passion for creating! I’m ready to be there for you and your server!

Norbi Norbi Moderators
Professional Moderator with Experience

Hello, my name is Norbi . I am currently a moderator of 2 NSFW Discord servers. I was a moderator of a GYM/Sports based server in the past . I think this wide range of experience will qualify me to be your best choice.


I am a friendly guy who is strict with the rules and I give my very best in whatever I'm doing.

Mod Résumé

I am an experienced owner, mod, admin, and co-owner. Trusted by many discord communities to keep theirs safe from online trolls and instigators.

Jacobs Jacobs Moderators
Professional Moderator, Collab manager, admin, shiller and other services for you NFT/Crypto based Discord Server

We provide highly trained professional moderators, chatters, admin, Collab manager, social media manager and much more services for your discord server at an affordable price. DM Cryptosquadeth#7763 or me on discord

Shubham Shubham Moderators
I can manage and build your server from the ground up. No matter how big and how small I

I am a very experienced discord moderator and very experienced with crypto, stocks and NFTs! I am friendly, chilled and easy to communicate with energetic person! I can build ur server and make bots for u.

Snowballx Snowballx Moderators
Discord Moderator

Hi! I have managed gaming servers in the past. I can also build servers from scratch. I'm pretty active on discord and can engage with the community. I am also a programmer.

RubbST RubbST Moderators

Hi my name is RubbST or you can call me Rub. I am mod for mostly gaming servers which are Minecraft related!

TheComputerKid.eth TheComputerKid.eth Moderators
Highly Experienced Moderator

I am a very experienced discord moderator and very experienced with crypto, stocks and NFTs! I am friendly, chilled and easy to communicate with energetic person! I am a shopify website builder, crypto and stock guru!

A1f A1f Moderators
Discord mod

I have never been a discord mod, but if you are willing to hire me I will make it worth your money. I will learn along the way.

✿₊˚❄『 Pixie 』ꔫ ‧₊˚ ✿₊˚❄『 Pixie 』ꔫ ‧₊˚ Moderators
Discord moderator

Hi, this is Pixie. I take pride in running a server with almost 400 members. I know how to create aesthetic server, banners and set almost all the bots.

Kat Reese_Puff Kat Reese_Puff Moderators
Discord Moderator

I am looking for moderating jobs for servers that need admins who will properly do their jobs. I am currently in school, so this will be a part time job and I will be on discord as much as I can to help with moderating.

hehehe hehehe Moderators
NFT community, Crypto moderator

I have been in NFT community since January 2020 and I have all the knowledge and skills required to maintain or manage the servers of NFT projects or NFT community.

Mørtis Mørtis Moderators
Free Server Moderation

I'm offering free server moderation as I have a LOT of free time right now and would like to get more experience.

Kryptonite Kryptonite Moderators
Discord Community Manager (DeFi Expert)

I am a qualified community manager and an expert in DeFi partnership relations with strong creative and analytical skills. Team player with an eye for detail.

Tig Ol Biddy Tig Ol Biddy Moderators
*EXPERIENCED MODERATOR* of crypto/NFT/gaming discords

I am a driven, dedicated Crypto/Options/Gaming fiend, obsessed with the crypto/gaming world. I have much experience, easy to communicate with, tons of flexibility/availability. I am here to make your life easier!

Elisatoshi | WSDC Elisatoshi | WSDC Moderators
Discord Moderator

23 years old, Graduated in Management and information systems, i speak 3 languages : English, French, Arabic.

Samtarooo Samtarooo Moderators
(18+) (PAID) Professional Discord moderator / admin with 6+ years experience!

I have been building and moderating discord communities since 2016. I am 20 years old and am very efficient with all forms of discord bots, moderation and server setup. I have 6+ years of exp and my own server. 30k+

PePe Hecker PePe Hecker Moderators

I am a moderator in 3 servers, I own 1. Many people say I am a great mod because I am active, I follow the rules, and I don't abuse my powers!

Senpapi Senpapi Moderators
Mod/Admin for hire

I am a mod/admin in need of a job.I help with server building/designing and keeping everything organized and peaceful.I work for 3$ a month to save up for my college tuition fee

Summereth Summereth Moderators
Discord Moderator

I am a Discord Moderator since 2019, I've worked for gaming and anime communities at the start but I've also worked for Web3 and Crypto communities. I can work 8/12 hours a day (real activity) and usually I work 7/7.

addname addname Moderators
moderator looking to help any server.

hey, heard you needed some help well i am here for all of your discord needs

﹄Lα͢͢͢ce𝕪﹃ ﹄Lα͢͢͢ce𝕪﹃ Moderators
Looking for a staff spot

My name is lacey and I like to play video games, make food, eat food and I like talking to people.

Aswath’sViewController Aswath’sViewController Moderators
Experienced Mod, RolePlay manger and Admin here!!!!!!!

Hi, I am Aswath#7951 I am a well trained and professional mod and admin. I am actually jobless and I can do the mod or admin work for you. I have good team leading skills. I am also RolePlay Manager. Aswath#7951 DM

WasabiZora WasabiZora Moderators
Moderator/Admin/Advisor (Paid)

I'm a 22 y/o freelancer looking for a job on a server related to web3 or gaming, but I can do pretty much everything and what I can't I'll learn it.

Şh1řøə Şh1řøə Moderators
moderator & administrator

I am a male teenager in my grind.In the past and now Ι have created a lot of servers with my friends and I personally managed them.I can work for you for a few days for free before you make a final decision.

Ash LeeAnn Ash LeeAnn Moderators
Mod Services

Looking for paid moderation jobs. I currently have experience moderating a large verified brand server of over 30k members and i am looking to add other servers to my experience. Payment amount negotiable

Fxcus Fxcus Moderators

*PAID MOD* Thanks for your interest in hiring me as a moderator! I love working with discord and servers to make them more inviting and ensure they are moderated to a very high standard.

SlumpedOut SlumpedOut Moderators
Do you need a Moderater for your server?*PAID*

I've been making and managing servers for upwards of a year, and I will keep your server clean and active for anywhere from $300 to $1000 a month based on size.

BNT BNT Moderators
Free Server Moderator

Hi there! I'm Zach, a person who has experience in moderating servers, along with experience with bots.

John1 John1 Moderators

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Sazzonym Sazzonym Moderators
Looking for experienced Moderator/Admin? *PAID*

*PAID* I am a paid Moderator looking for a server to help out and moderate in! I take payment such as Nitro, PayPal or Robux! Read long description for more info!

Calvin Calvin Moderators
Discord Moderator

I am an 18 year old student who is currently looking for a job to earn some money as a side hustle. I have previous experience in the industry and am fluent in English

Spader Spader Moderators
Discord Moderator

Professional discord moderator and developer. Experienced in community management , smart contract development and website development. Asia based.

SilentStagnation SilentStagnation Moderators
looking for mods preferably over vc

I was a moderator on a hentai server, tasked with getting people the correct tags, maintaining that they weren't trolls. deleting photos that broke TOS. banning underage individuals. and also keeping it alive in chat.

yasaman Alavipour yasaman Alavipour Moderators
Discord Moderation

i will be able to bring so much energy and brightness into your server i have a very good skill in managing the problems and hectic moments

Dawz Dawz Moderators
Discord Moderator

I am looking for a serious Full Time Discord Moderator position.

kiot kiot Moderators
Administrator/Moderator/Helper for Discord server

Quite diligent and responsible, attentive and sensitive, friendly and responsive, creative and self-critical. I have competent speech and high typing speed: over 200 characters per minute. Russian is the native language.

eni ouah eni ouah Moderators
looking for a discord Moderators job

I'm Ouaghzane Houcine, and I'm available for employment as a Discord moderator. My services are both inexpensive and outstanding.

Pluribus Pluribus Moderators

Experience in Discord/Facebook moderation and administration.

RealestRealist RealestRealist Moderators
Discord NFT Community Moderator/ Server Builder/ Collaboration Manager

I am a discord moderator for NFT projects with good ideas that could help your project. I understand the ecosystem very well and is confident with my knowledge that I can advice you in making your project/server better.

Oluizking Oluizking Moderators
Hello ser, I'm Luiz a crypto trader, I would love to work for anyone who is interested to have me as a moderator in their server for free or paid any amount is welcome I promise to give all my best..

I'm shadams Oluwatobiloba Luiz, I'm a Nigerian, I'm hard working and I believe anything could be achieved if the mind is focused... I have been into crypto currency for 2 years and In the NFTs for about 1 year

Dom឵ Dom឵ Moderators
Looking to moderate (voluntary)

Looking for a server to moderate in to help keep the community active and in form, while giving me moderator experience! I respond to pings and check discord 3-5 hours a day

Yato Misumi Yato Misumi Moderators
Moderator serwera discord

Szukam czegoś na wolną chwilę i jestem w tym nowy i zielony. Więc jeśli mnie zaakceptujesz to nie oczekuj wiele, ale wiedz, że będę się starał :) PS Tylko POLSKIE SERWERY

RinaMarie RinaMarie Moderators
Chat Moderator

I work well with others and am able to connect to a community. At the end of the day I know that in certain situations I will have to be the bad guy.

MrShiesty MrShiesty Moderators
Experienced Moderator

I am a very experienced discord moderator and very experienced with crypto, stocks and NFTs! I am friendly, chilled and easy to communicate with energetic person! I am a shopify website builder, crypto and stock guru!

Gintoki Jobs Gintoki Jobs Moderators
Discord Moderator

Young active IT worker looking for a side gig. I also wanted to gain some experiences in this field.

Daniel J. 🐼 Daniel J. 🐼 Moderators
Moderator/Server Builder

1 year of Marketing Experience 1 year of Moderating Experience 1 year of Creating Servers 6 years of customer service

MobStar MobStar Moderators
14 Looking to be a mod at ur server

14 Year old, Gamer, looking to work as a mod for your server. I have had experience in other servers and have a lot of time on my hands.

dee_e |YF dee_e |YF Moderators

I am a very dedicated and hard-working mod Who is very adaptable to ever changing workflows. I also pride myself in being a big team player

BentTrains BentTrains Moderators
30s-Creative professional-Brand management

I'm a creative professional of 15 years including 10 years experience in advertising and brand representation.

ghostiii ghostiii Moderators
Discord Moderator *Paid*

I can do either moderating or administration with my 2+ years of experience in multiple servers.

notPro notPro Moderators
[Need Money desperately lol] Hire a good discord moderator!

Hey, I'm NotPro, a reliable discord mod, who can always keep track on how all the channels are doing. I'm 14 yrs old and am also in desperate need of money so I can afford a laptop that I'm trying to save up for school.

XniLo Bombs XniLo Bombs Moderators
Discord Moderators

Owned and ran many servers , 10K Members advertising server and various YouTube and streamer servers!

ZaG | Gamer ZaG | Gamer Moderators
Finding An Moderator ?? I am Here For That !!!!!!

i am aravind i have moderated many servers i have been trying to learn how to code an discord bot it's difficult to learn i am trying to do my best and learn this!

clueless clueless Moderators
Looking for a job as a moderator

I am currently studying at college trying to make ends meet and will be offering my service to make your server the safest community as possible. I will be able to work any days (ranging from any hours). WPM is 90-110.

Kabja31 Kabja31 Moderators

Hi I am Kabja31 and I am looking for a Discord Moderator job. I have4,5 years experinace in this and i was on 3 differnt Servers in this 4,5 yearss.

Mıภภt Mıภภt Moderators

Hello! My name is XDrebr, though I go by XDre, Dre or Karl. I have 3 years of experience in modding, and work best with bots (Autajja), though I can do without a bot!

Metal Metal Moderators
Looking for a moderator job

I have been using discord for over 5 years. I do have my own server. I can easily interact with people, I am hardworking and patient with people . I'm here to find a job as a community manager and I am 22.

0xBrian 0xBrian Moderators
Community Moderator

I am an active student at the University of Amikom Yogyakarta majoring in Bachelor of Informatics with GPA 4.0 in this 5th semester, interesting in community building, social media creation, data analytics

RhyzAsahina RhyzAsahina Moderators
Looking for a Moderator?

Hi, You can call me Rhyz, I'm an experience Discord Moderator of a Youtuber's Server over 30K+ for almost 3 years prior. If you're looking for a moderator in your server, feel free to contact me on discord.

Pika Pika Moderators

- Engage and communicate to the community professionally. - Active member, willing to work full time (any timezone is fine). - A problem solver, love to provide solutions to any problems/concerns.

Beverly EG EXPLORER Beverly EG EXPLORER Moderators
Community manager/moderator/programmatic manager/project manager/shiller

I am an experience community manager/moderator with who have worked for several projects over the years. Am also experienced in nft,dao and gaming community

Drizz Drizz Moderators
Available Moderator for any server | Very active

Hi I'm Drizz, I'm an experienced discord mod being moderator to a few servers now, a notable one would be my time at a community server where I was head admin for a year.

Discord Moderator/helper

i am 27 years old, I'm ready to help you build a solid community, maintain servers from spamming, bots able to work hard, responsible

Mercy De Great Mercy De Great Moderators

I'm Mercy De Great, and I'm available for employment as a Discord moderator. I have prior community management experience. My services are both inexpensive and outstanding.

fawaaz3Eth fawaaz3Eth Moderators
Moderator/Community Advisor/Ticket Support

I hold extensive Moderator experience (1,5+ years) Bilingual: English and Afrikaans Flexible schedule willing to work 7-8 per day Timezone: GMT+2 Twitter @Fawaazhendrixxx

jaden.yan jaden.yan Moderators
NFT/ Crypto Trading Discord Server Moderator

Experienced in Service, all aspects of Crypto and NFTs (Minting, platforms, rarity tools etc.) Crypto Day Trader, NFT Trader

angelina angelina Moderators
Need a moderator? *PAID*

Hello, I am Angel. I am friendly and willing to work, I will make sure your server is a safe place! I'm very hardworking, honest, & have experience with managing inappropriate behavior.

OfficerABR [136] OfficerABR [136] Moderators
Best Moderator For Hire!

Hi, I am ABR. I like to moderate servers. I am a very good moderator.

Hayoloft Hayoloft Moderators
Looking for a Mod/Helper? Check me out

Hello I'm Gabby, I have been on discord for 2+ years and I would like to start applying to be a Moderator for servers. I am very outgoing and helpful. I portray myself as quite confident and I have good communications.

Gamer's Zone Gamer's Zone Moderators

I have been a moderator for 2+ years I also have been a helper before, Co-owner but Moderating is my favorite one.