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Senpapi Senpapi Moderators
Mod/Admin for hire

I am a mod/admin in need of a job.I help with server building/designing and keeping everything organized and peaceful.I work for 3$ a month to save up for my college tuition fee

jackson03 jackson03 Moderators
NFT server moderator

I am a young crypto and nft enthusiast, i have been in crypto for past 6 years and in nft since 2 years. I have lot of experience handling questions relating to NFT.

ZaG | Gamer ZaG | Gamer Moderators
Finding An Moderator ?? I am Here For That !!!!!!

i am aravind i have moderated many servers i have been trying to learn how to code an discord bot it's difficult to learn i am trying to do my best and learn this!

justdid justdid Moderators
NFT community moderator

I have been in NFT community since 7 months and I have all the knowledge and skills required to maintain or manage the servers of NFT projects or NFT community.

jaden.yan jaden.yan Moderators
NFT/ Crypto Trading Discord Server Moderator

Experienced in Service, all aspects of Crypto and NFTs (Minting, platforms, rarity tools etc.) Crypto Day Trader, NFT Trader

Fxcus Fxcus Moderators

*PAID MOD* Thanks for your interest in hiring me as a moderator! I love working with discord and servers to make them more inviting and ensure they are moderated to a very high standard.

!!Abc !!Abc Moderators
Looking for a moderator?

Hi. Im good at building/managing a server I am doing this because I want something to fill my time.

EmmyeAyup EmmyeAyup Moderators
Need a server admin/mod for large/small server?

Hi, I am Emmye! I have been on Discord for a year now. I have owned a few servers in the past, the server I have that has the most members has 50+ members, with 1 Admin and 3 Mods.

Strawberry Strawberry Moderators
I am ready and qualified to be an admin/ moderator.

Hi, my name is Strawberry and I have been in quite a few moderation jobs. I know the ropes around moderating a discord server. My account is about 4 years old and I am on discord about every day.

kimi= kimi= Moderators

I have a bunch of experience with handling behavior

OfficerABR [136] OfficerABR [136] Moderators
Best Moderator For Hire!

Hi, I am ABR. I like to moderate servers. I am a very good moderator.

Korras Spirit Korras Spirit Moderators
looking for a server to mod/admin

I'm Amna and I'm looking for a server to mod/admin Pls read long description for more and dm me for any questions & if you think I'm fit to be a mod/admin in your server! I'm good with setting up/helping with bots.

Sazzonym Sazzonym Moderators
Looking for experienced Moderator/Admin? *PAID*

*PAID* I am a paid Moderator looking for a server to help out and moderate in! I take payment such as Nitro, PayPal or Robux! Read long description for more info!

SilentStagnation SilentStagnation Moderators
looking for mods preferably over vc

I was a moderator on a hentai server, tasked with getting people the correct tags, maintaining that they weren't trolls. deleting photos that broke TOS. banning underage individuals. and also keeping it alive in chat.

Meta Meta Moderators
Discord Mod / Discord Server Builder

I can manage and build your server from the ground up. No matter how big and how small I'm here to help in any way shape or form

Hayoloft Hayoloft Moderators
Looking for a Mod/Helper? Check me out

Hello I'm Gabby, I have been on discord for 2+ years and I would like to start applying to be a Moderator for servers. I am very outgoing and helpful. I portray myself as quite confident and I have good communications.

Shalev | IridescentForest Shalev | IridescentForest Moderators
Discord Moderator - Find Someone Who Helps You Maintain Your Community

Looking for a Discord Moderator? I can help. I have community management skills and know how to keep your server safe. Contact me today.

TheCarBun TheCarBun Moderators
I can help you build your server

Hi I'm Bun. I'm 19 years old, male and I love building servers. I've created many servers for others that did well and I had built and owned two servers of 1k and presently I own a 5k+ server that I made myself.