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Hedwig's Haven is the ultimate place for grown-up Potterheads to play! Experience our interactive custom bot games and characters, join for live games and compete for the House Cup!


Join Hedwig's Haven, the best adult Potterhead discord around! ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙ We are not a role-play focused server, but more of an interactive game compiled of unique bots and experiences! Team up with your Hogwarts house to compete for the house cup! Earn points by playing games and participating in activities! ☽༓ Daily activities like puzzles, bot games, video games ☽༓ Live daily group games and trivia ☽༓ Interact with our custom character bots for fun ☽༓ Enroll in the University-level magical classes each weekday ☽༓ Unlock badges for server achievements! ☽༓ Chat in many on-topic channels and share your passions. We are a server for grown-ups trying to avoid the chaos of children. We don't feature adult content beyond a little a knockturn alley memes!



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